Homeless Heart [5]

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Chapter 1



I ran into the hospital waiting room and saw Carter sitting there talking to Thea and Killian. Will they be mad at me for Gloria getting sick? I stepped back, took a few deep breaths, kept tears of worry at bay, and finally walked in the room. The second Killian stood up, I broke down and started crying and trying to give explanations for why Gloria might have gotten sick. Thea stood up and hugged me. "It's not your fault Sara. The doctor said she just got too tired and her body didn't react well. She's fine, they just want her to sleep here so they can be sure." Killian said.
"Mr. and Mrs. Baker, may we speak with you?" A doctor said and I started worrying again. "Your daughter...I was wrong. She swallowed some poison." I stepped back. "Now the other child you brought in...Linda...you should probably go say good-bye." He said and Thea burst into tears. They both walked out of the waiting room and before the doctor left Carter said, "Could you turn off the lights?" The doctor nodded and the room darkened considerably. I sniffled and noticed Carter's bright blue hair was under his hood because I couldn't see him.
"Here." He said and I felt a box of tissues being set in my hands and I fell down so I was sitting on a chair.
"Why did you have him turn off the lights?" I asked with a shaky breath and a sob broke through my lips. I neglected the tissues and wiped at my eyes with my arm. I heard someone sit next to me and I looked over.
"Because you look like a girl who doesn't like to be seen crying so...this way I can't see you...technically." I nodded and finally traded my arm for a tissue. Thank God I didn't wear make-up today.


I couldn't sleep so I got up, changed into short shorts and pulled a sweatshirt over my tank top. I decided to go bare-foot and I silently slipped out of the Safe House. I started walking down an alley and I heard a yell. I hate this town. I kept my head down and ran until I reached a park. Today Linda was taken off of the machine that was helping keep her alive; she died five minutes later. No one had been able to look at me since.
I fell on my knees in front of a small pond and held my sides. I had heard my dad and Killian talking about me after dinner.
Convo (C-Craze; K-Killian)~
C-It wasn't her fault. We couldn't have done anything.
K-We didn't have to leave her in Sara's vision. Hell! Sara could have been the one who poisoned the kids!
C-Kill! You kow Sara loves those kids like they were her own!
K-You ever heard of those moms who kill their children?
I cried and cried until I felt like I was as dry as a bone. "Sara?" I turned and saw Techata riding on the handlebars of Carter's bike, and on the back pegs. Before Carter could stop the bike, I got up and ran away. "Sara!" I heard Marquey yell. I just kept running and running.

2 A.M.~

I went back to the park and laid on the grass next to the pond. Marquey and Techata and Carter were long gone by now, and I just wanted to sleep. I shivered and closed my eyes.
A thud sounded and close to me but I was too tired to look back. I heard footsteps and then someone touched my shoulder. I sat up with a start and with a gasp of air. My teeth were chattering.
"Hey, hey, relax; just me." Carter mumbled and showed a blanket. "I didn't think you'd want to spend the night in your house. You know...the guilt factor." I sighed, laid back down, and nodded.
"Killian thinks I poisoned the kids." I mumbled.
"I know," he mumbled and pulled the blanket over me.
"How?" I asked and looked at him.
He pointed at me and smiled. "Now that...is a damnn good question."
"Why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden?" I asked and searched his eyes for some hint.
"I must be having an off week, don't get used to it." He said and then told me to go to sleep. "But..." I started, but he just put his hand over my eyes and said, "Sleep."

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