I loathe you

I loathe you

Well this is new, and I think Im going to like posting stories like this! lol.
Thanks for all hte happy birthdays!! I really appreciated it!!

Chapter 1


Victory's POV.
I layed asleep in bed, when several screams woke me up.
"Victory, wake up!" cried Faith, Matt, and Taylor jumping on my bed.
I groaned.
Couldnt they let me sleep in for a few minutes?
"what?" I asked annoyed.
"Dad wants you, he says it's real important." Matt told me.
I rolled my eyes.
What could be so important at 6:00 am?
I climbed out of bed, and down stairs, where, as always, Jordyn, Nick, and my dad sat talking at the kitchen table.\But today was different.
Today, they were all staring at me.
I didnt like that.
"what's going on?" I asked nervously.
"Sampson is out of water." Jordyn told me.
I stared at her confused.
"Aunt Jordyn, Sampson is dead, he died last year, remember, he got hit-"
Then it occurred to me, they were all smiling!
I walked out of the kitchen, and into the living room where Sampson's bowls use to be, and were sitting right now.
In his bed, sat a little golden retriever puppy, just like Sampson.
I screamed, and the puppy yelped.
Grabbing him in my arms, I walked into the kitchen.
"You guys are so mean!" I yelled at them.
Jordyn laughed.
"Well, if that's how you feel." she trailed off.
"How did you get this puppy without me knowing?" I aksed them.
My dad smiled.
"We had some help.."
As soon as those words left his lips, somebody walked in.
My eyes widened, as I set the puppy down.
"Uncle Kevin!" I cried throwing my arms around him.
He laughed.
"My Victory, you've grown!" He exclaimed.
"And today, my daughter is one year closer to becoming a woman." my dad said standing next to me.
"Huh?" I asked confused.
"Victory, you forgot your own birthday?!" Jordyn asked shocked.
My eyes widened.
Oh my gosh!
"I'm fifteen today!" I wailed.
"That's right, and tonight, we are throwing you a big party!" Nick told me.
"No way!!" I yelled.
My dad laughed.
"I think she's happy!"
Later that night,
I was at my party, and everybody was there, including Heidi.
Brent stood in a corner, talking to his friends.
Jasmine and Rebecca came up.
"Victory, this is the best party ever!" she exclaimed.
I smiled.
"thanks, have you seen my dad?" I asked them.
Jasmine nodded.
"yeah, he's in the kitchen talking to his girlfriend."
I walked in there to see them fighting.
"Your daughter, is a bad influence on mine!" he yelled at her.
Heidi Fought back.
"well your daughter is an over protected brat!" she screamed.
Thank God the music was loud.
His eyes were like lasers burning right through her.
"I think we need to break up!" he admitted loudly.
I had to walk away before it was over, but I did end up seeing Heidi angrily walk out.
"are you ok?" Brent asked walking up.
I sighed.
"My dad just broke up with his girlfriend." I told him.
"Oh, I'm sorry, Why dont I take you somewhere? to get your mind off it?" he asked hopefully.
I nodded.
I followed him to his car, and got in.
He drove me to the place we had our first kiss.
He stopped in the middle of the road.
I unbuckled my seat belt, and opened the door.
It confused me when he didnt do the same thing.
"what's wrong?" I asked worriedly.
He said one simple word:"you"
Before I could respond, he pushed me out of the car, my head hit the hard dirt, and rock ground.
The world got dizzy, as Brent slammed the door shut,and sped off.
All I remembered was trying to stand up, then falling down, and the world fading to darkness.

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