The Unbelievable Adventures of Colin Henry Roundtree

The Unbelievable Adventures of Colin Henry Roundtree

This is a story about Colin Roundtree- a normal teenager, in a normal town, with not so normal friends. Lend me you ears, dear reader, and suspend your disbelief, for the tale you are about to read is 100% real.

Chapter 1


by: seth
Colin stepped on the corner of his belt buckle as he sprung from bed and it stuck painfully into the soft of his foot. Late again! Still smarting from the unwelcome jab first thing in the morning he hurried as fast as he could. Quick shower, brush his teeth, check out his thin but still-there-facial hair and throw on his favorite jeans. His favorite jeans already had one hole in the knee, another on the way and had clearly seen better days. But they didn't protest as he put them on, and they fit perfectly. He always felt better in those jeans. He pulled on a t-shirt, grabbed his books, his ipod and phone, and jammed them into his backpack.

" are my shoes!" he mumbled.

That's when he remembered last night, that's when he knew he was not going to be wearing those shoes again, ever.

"Argh" he thought, "I'm gonna have to clean up last's nights mess today for sure." But how?

Colin grabbed a pair of Nikes out of the closet and jumped down the stairs. Breakfast was already on the table, and cold. He didn't care he chugged his orange juice, snatched a fistful of buttered toast and had a foot out the door before his mother even turned around from the stove. He heard her yelling after him as he dashed to his beat up Honda, revved the engine and bombed off to school; Chemical Romance was already blaring on the radio.

He had to get to school, and he had to get there fast. How could he have overslept again? Well, he reasoned, I WAS up most of the night when I should have been sleeping.

Colin had two big things he had to deal with ASAP as he pulled into the student parking lot, locked his car and hurried toward the door. First ,he had figure out exactly how he was going to explain to Mrs. Bailey that he didn't have his English paper to hand in for first period and convince her to give him and extension. F. Scott Fitzgerald and the magical life of Gatsby would have to wait. Secondly, and perhaps a little bit more complicated, he had to figure out how to handle the delicate situation that he had inadvertently burned down the school gymnasium at 3 am last night. It really WAS an accident, it wasn't his fault, but somehow, he was pretty sure if he came clean about what had really happened, if he just told the truth, well, it wasn't going to go over very well. Not well at all.

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