Darcey's Song (A Seth Clearwater Love Story)

I'm putting the same story but with different pictures and maybe put a few more things Theme song: Mine by Taylor Swift:)

Chapter 1

1 - The End and Begining Of Darcey Hoffman

by: ILovePuck
The pain is unbearable, but the life I'm trading for my own is worth it. I feel the tears pop out of my eyes uncontrollably, everything was so much brighter than before, I screamed in agony. I've never felt this much pain at once before, when I was 12 and fell from the roof and broke my feg and arm, psh, thats nothing compared to this. I've been screaming like this for about 20 minutes. Suddenly I feel numb, like morphine was injected into my brain, I can't feel anything but the vibration of the people sobbing and yelling, I feel sleepy. I know whats coming, and I hate myself for what I'm going to do to Seth right now. I let my eyelids drop and I sigh. "I love you seth" I whisper, and I let my self drift away like a boat on a stream....

2 years Earlier The plane is landing into Port Angeles is small and quiet. and it also smells weird but I'll get to that in a sec. The weather is just as miserable as I feel. Even though my parents have made many mistakes, I still love them. And I know that I'll miss them soon but I looked at the rehab they'll be attending and it looks promising. We pull up to the airport and it's pouring rain. "Is it always like this?" I ask the guy in the power suit and a Lil' too much old spice on right next to me. "Pretty much." He says with a smile. I turn on my blue sidekick and it buzzes to life. 5 NEW MESSAGES it reads. All from Aunt Tracey. Sigh. I slip on my shoes. and walk off the plane... After we got my bags, and drove to forks, I knew I wouldn't like forks. It's too small and rainy, compared to my home town Orlando, Florida. My room for the next few years was small and a bright yellow. I hate yellow. After I stuffed my various t shirts and sweats into the small dresser uncle Bill gave me a tour of Forks, got me enrolled in school, gave me a tour of the school, and showed me the local Pizza Hut, he let me wander around and meet a few people. In a diner I met Chelsea, Heather, Derrek, Nick, Claire, and Garret. All in my grade. All pretty average. Everything in this stupid town is average. Hopefully, I'll change that.

The first day of school was terrifying. I felt like a freaking puppy infront of 200 curious toddlers. Everybody was wanting to talk to me and they kept on asking what class I have next. If I hadn't already memerised my schedule I sure would've in the first 20 minutes of english class. On the bright side everyone was super nice and helpful. I had a bunch of classes with Chelsea! We laughed every time the history teacher turned around to reveal the "KICK ME" sign on his back. Chelsea even showed me the Cullens. They looked like snobs to me. Especialy that one Rosalie girl. In math (the only class I don't have with Chelsea) I sat next to Garret from the diner. "Hey" I said with a smile. Garret smiled and nodded. The bell rang and the teacher introduced herself as Mrs. Lin. She started a lecture about how much math is important on the SATs and in life. Garret passed me a note. It read... 'Hey Darcey, a bunch of us are gonna meet down at La Push for a bonfire tonight. You in? There'll be a smore there with your name on it! Think about it.
-Garret' I picked up a pencil and started to write. 'Sounds awesome! I'll come but I'll need a ride. - Darcey' and I passed it back. He smiled and wrote, then passed it back to me. It read 'Me, Chelsea, Heather, and Derrek are gunna ride together and You can come too if you want. Meet up at the diner at 4 and wear a bathing suit.' I nodded. Garret is really cute. and funny, maybe he'll ask me out tonight! I'm starting to like forks.

After school I went through my closet trying to find my dark purple bikini and some cute capri's and a tee. I told Tracey and Bill where to find me and that my phone was charged. As I headed to the diner I felt jittery, for no reason! Everybody was there and we hit the road right away! Garret and Derrek were making me and chelsea laugh so hard! Everyone was so funny...after 30 minutes of hard laughter I couldn't breathe until we walked down to the beach and met up with some of the seniors that went to school on the reservation. One looked at me really funny, I leaned over to chelsea and whispered into her ear "Whose that?" and I pointed her to the boy. She whispered back "I think his name's uhhhh oh yeah Seth Clearwater."

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