The Day the School Was Destroyed

A sad story, of the school being destroyed. May sound happy, but this is a sad story. Based on a true story, but not all is correct!

Chapter 1

I : The Storm

by: SickEmo
I started towards school. There was thunder but nothing serious. The news reporter said that there is a tornado warning, but I don't believe it. Who would? in Southern California? Well, I didn't believe it. I met up with my friend Jose, and we copied each others homework. "Yo, Eric. Did you hear about the tornado warning?" "Yeah right!" We both laughed. Just then a lightning strike flashed to the north, and a loud booming thunder thing came. "We should get to class now." "Yeah, lets go." We both walked on toward L-2, Science class. We watched a Bill Nye video in Science class, about pressure, YaWn! After class it started pouring and the lightning got more common. "Yo, Eric are u sure there will be no tornado?" "How am i supposed to now, im not a weatherman." We then walked to M-1, math. During math, the thunder got so loud, that the class room shook. Some girls outside screamed. The class laughed. After math, the principle said that he recommends that all kids stay inside your classroom. He siad that the storm is really brewing up, and the lightning is starting to get close. We stayed in math class. We just talked. Suddenly, we heard what sounded like a large train crashing into a building. "What was that!?!?" Jose screamed. I ran too look out the window, and I couldn't believe my eyes...

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