So How Did You Two Find Eachother? Oh You Know...Youtube ~12~ Possibly The Ending

i wonder how much i could write right now?

Monster Emilee

Chapter 1

This Is My Family.

Adrian soon came over with james. james went to see nicole first. adrian came up to me and quickly pulled me into a hug. it made me smile. then i came back to realality.
"ready to meet the devil-i mean me mother?"
he laughed "ready as i'll ever be." and we set off to see her.
when we got to my moms house it smelled like food. she cooked alot. my dog sam walked around sniffed us then went back to sleep. my father came up and shook adrians hand but gave his the evil eye that was suppose to scare everyone. we sat down in silence for a little bit then my father began.
"so tell me." he took a sip of his coffee. "how did you too meet or find eachother i mean adrian don't you live in new york?"
we glanced at eachother trying not to laugh. "well sir. we met on youtube."
"isn't that romantic." my mom said " met where?" my father asked again
"youtube sir.
he nodded his head. "alright." he mumbled

afterwards we went outside and walked to the car "well that went well." he said
"i guess so my mom seems to love you." he laughed
"would you say that i was smooth?" he asked
"smooth?" i repeated
"yeah smo-" he didn't finish because he triped and fell
i tried not to laugh but i couldn't hold it in.
he stood up and tried to fix himself i helped.
"yeah very smoothed." i said he smiled and silenced my laughter with a kiss
my heart raced and i felt those sparks fly.
he let go "well we should go." he said "right." i whispered.
we went into the car and drove home.
the next morning we got up and got dressed to hang out with james and nicole.
i seriously couldn't stop smiling. james would make me crack up adrian wouldn't let me go nicole was just nicole my best friend awesome.
we walked around hand in hand.
i guess i could say it was the happiest day of my life.
as his hand was with mine i felt something slip onto my finger.
i looked down to see a ring on my hand.
no fvcking way i thought
"i just want to see if it fits." he lied "what is this?" i asked
"i really don't think you understand how much i love you. i love you so much that i want you to marry me please."
i felt the tears stream down my face (tears of joy) "yes." i whispered he pulled me into another kiss.
i then realized that my new life was about to begin. i don't know what the hells gonna happen but i am very sure that it is going to be the best.
this is the author talking*)
i'm pretty sure that you all were able to see it coming but please let me tell you.
Kristi and Adrian got married James was the best man Nicole maid of honer (sp?) i don't know if they had kids or anything but what i could tell you is that Kristi finally got a record deal. adrian got a job as some businees guy. and they both moved down to california.
so i guess you could call this a happy ending.

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