In The Storm's Eye

Eh..I'm gonna try this out...This reminds me of something :(

Anyway,I don't really tell about my stories before they are read..So..enjoy.. :/

Chapter 7

A New Life

by: Sakui
Tim rounded the corner and stopped.

Tims view

Why must Melinda ruin everything?Storms already going through enough.I dont know how much more she can take.....but she isnt always gonna be there for me.I cant get close.But she's nice...I dont think she'll be like that.Yeah,you thought that last time,and you're the one she became friends with last.But she's my friend now.Im not gonna let something I did ruin her.I'll ruin myself instead.NO!Bad idea.Too bad.I.....I just..need to help her,and Im going back to her

Tims view over

Storm began to walk home,she was so stressed,but no one would even notice..and tommorow it would just get worse.She knew that.But she just didnt like the fact that Tim left her standing there.That made her cry,then she thought about the mom,and thought about pulling the trigger.But right when she was about to,Tim busted through the door.

"STORM!" "T-tim......." "Put it away,its not worth it.....listen to me,please." "Why should I?" "......" "You just left me standing there!" "I....I just......didnt know what to do." "Yeah,well,you should've thought about that." "But.......listen,Im going to-" "I dont wanna hear it" She turned,but he ran to her,pulled the gun away,tossed it on the ground,and said "You arent killing yourself while Im here.Im not gonna let you die." "Tim......" "You're the bestest friend I've ever had,and the first."

"But-" "I know you've forgotten...but in were in Mrs.Kelia's class,right?" "Yea....." "Remember this?" He pulled out a card,it had a strange figure on it,with many curves and twists.

Storms eyes got wide,and Tim started to smile,a happy grin,that he hadent in years.

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