In The Storm's Eye

Eh..I'm gonna try this out...This reminds me of something :(

Anyway,I don't really tell about my stories before they are read..So..enjoy.. :/

Chapter 3

Part 1:Chapter 3:A Long Walk

by: Sakui
They edged along in silence for awhile. "So....You're new?" Timothy said in a low whisper."Er....Yeah..I'm new..." "Well.It's easy to tell if you're hanging out with those two." Storm gave him a puzzled look.But Timothy went on,though he turned and fiddled with something in his book bag. "They're in love.Can't you see...?And people in love,don't care about friends...That's what happened with my friends.Why do you think I'm always alone?" Storm taped together everything he said...she didn't think that Triston and Melinda acted like that...even though they did seem extremely happy around each other. "So...You think they aren't going to hang out with me anymore?" Storm asked,sadly.He grimaced for a minute. "Well...maybe not..Maybe they'll hang with you,even when they are going out..." "What about you?" "What about me?" "Don't you like someone?Or.......have friends?" He stopped fiddling in his book bag..and thought 'I'm so glad she can't see me now' "Well..No....I don't have any're the first I've talked to in awhile." "Oh..." There was an awkward moment "Do you want to hang out with me?" Storm asked after awhile,and Timothy started to walk,but didn't talk. "Timothy?" He stopped,and faced her. "Why don't you want friends?Melinda said you wanted to stand out..but you act like me.....and I don't stand out....." ".......Friends....escpacially.....girls back stab you...I don't care if I stand out." He started to walk home by himself...and Storm stood,wondering what she had said wrong.But followed him after ten minutes.....

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