In The Storm's Eye

Eh..I'm gonna try this out...This reminds me of something :(

Anyway,I don't really tell about my stories before they are read..So..enjoy.. :/

Chapter 2

Part 1:Chapter 2:Perhaps Night Will Come.

by: Sakui
Earthquakes were usual in this area,but,this was a devastating one...Only three people in the hallway were still standing.Storm held onto a ramp,Trinton held onto Storm,and a ramp,and Timothy just stood there,his eyes locked onto Storm,and part of the ceiling came falling down and crashing around them,turning the hall into a dump bin.Storm was about to fall....being unable to handle the continuous rocking of the earth below her.But Trinton felt her slipping,and held her tighter...The shaking slowed,and stopped just as suddenly as it began,people stood up,the wounded ones went to the nurse,and the fortunate ones stumbled into their classes,hoping they'd be partly demolished as to keep them from working in books...Trinton,Storm,Timothy,and Melinda shared the first class together,so of course they,as friends usually do,sat together..Besides Timothy,he sat behind them,never taking his eyes off of Storm...Storm didn't notice,and was absorbed by how fast friends found her,and the lesson at hand.Slowly,the class passed...and they each walked out...The day passed in this manner...and finally,it was time to go home...Storm walked out,laughing with her new friends about the latest gossip,and they started their walk home. "Why is Timothy following us?" "His house is 427 on this road.." "What?" "His house is 427." "That' to my house..." She said a little bit too loud,because next thing she knew everyone was looking at her. 'Why do I live near him...?' She thought,and they all walked in silence..Trinton reached his house "Bye,Melinda,see ya,Storm." Timothy stopped dead in his tracks. 'Storm...?' He thought..but started to walk when he noticed they were stopped to talk.He walked slowly..then about passed them,when Melinda and Storm continued to walk,so now he was right beside them.Soon,Melinda left,with a wave,a skip,and a wink at Timothy,she went into into her house.Leaving Storm to walk alone with Timothy,the rest of the long way...TBC...probably not...

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