Ya, so sum descriptions bout me :P

Hey my names Bre or Breezy, and ima tell sum things bout me, cuz my friend made me :P

Chapter 1

Me :D

Ok so... ya my name is breanna, but u may call me bre or Breezy (preferably breezy). I skateboard, and rollerskate. I have purple hair with black highlights. my pic is when i was a lil yunger maybe a year ago. Um, im told im funny, a good writer and singer. Im shy but ima bada$$ :P. Im usually the flirt but im a really affectionate and passionate person. If ur my friend (or maybe Bf :P) I will always help with ur probs. Umm... I dance. Im not good tho :P. Anything else u wanna know, leave a comment and ill get back 2 ya. Add me if u think im pretty cool :P


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