A New Life (A Justin Bieber Love Story) Part 6

ok first off, wow, part six already, cant believe it! 2nd: i had to continue on a story cuz it wasn't gunna let you guys read the whole thing! plz message me if you need any help figuring this situation out. Im actually thinking about redoing all the quizzes onto the stories, just so its easier. tell me if u think i should or not. your outfit is in the pic! but the dress is dark purple. enjoy!

Chapter 1

Chapter 6 Part 1

Then something hit me, like a wall of bricks. I didn't even kno anything about the guy! And he didn't kno that much about me. "Why don't we get to kno each other?" Justin asked, right on cue, as if he could read my mind. "What you mean?" I asked confused. "Favorite movie, color, actor, actress, things like that." He shrugged. "Oh, well my favorite color's purple-" I barley finished the sentence. "No way, that's my favorite color!" He said. I giggled. "Err, my absoult favorite all time movie is, please don't laugh, Hocus Pocus, you kno, with Sarah Jessica Parker." I blushed. "That was a really good movie." Justin pondered on my words. "My favorite book is Inkheart, I absoultly adore Taylor Lautner, I met him once, well, after I begged Nick to let me met him. I've met a lot of famous people. Favorite actress though has gotta be Julie Andrews, I met her to!" I gushed, hoping I wasn't a bore. "My favorite song is Mine by Taylor Swift, my favorite singer is Taylor Swift. I met her, too. And my role models are my Mom and Taylor Swift. Oh and by the way, boys with british accents make my heart melt and my knees go weak." That got him to laugh. I crossed my arms across my chest. "What's so funny?" I asked, and when he finally calmed down he said, "Boys with British accents? What about guys with Canidian accents?" He asked. I blushed. "It depends." I then rolled my eyes. He told me all his favorites. Making sure to include he loves "Cali girls." That made me laugh so hard. He took a quick glance at the clock and frowned. "5:15, the dance starts at six. Cya at six?" He asked. I nodded and he ran out the door. Then panic overtook my mind. What was I gonna wear?! Then an idea popped into my head. What if I wore my outfit from Jason, my old cousin's, wedding? That could work, but I'd have to make it me. With my black low cut converse! I was all set.
Driving to the dance
"So, Patty's goning to pick you up when the dance gets over," Mom said for the millionth time as she pulled onto the crub in front of the school. "Kay, Mum, love ya." I kissed her on the cheek and hopped out of the car. "Nikki!" Danni came running over as my Mom pulled away. She wore a dress as short as mine, strappless, with a black sweater that just covered her shoulders. It was brown. "Hey! You look excellent." I commented. "So don't you! So, you decided to come after all?" She asked. I nodded. "Justin asked me." I said casually. She stopped short, Drew caught her. "Hello, ladies. Might I say you look lovley this evening." Drew said in a fake british accent. Danni and I laughed. "Thanks, Drew." I laughed and walked into the school, almost crashing into Justin. "Wow." We both said, and laughed. Justin wore black skinny jeans and a black blazer with a purple dressy shirt, short sleeved, untucked, same shade as my dress. "You look great."We both said, and laughed again. "You, ready?"He asked, taking my arm. I nodded and we walked into the school's function hall. It looked the same as always, only the lights were off and disco balls light up the room a tiny bit. Only the food table area was lit. Barley. "Welcome guys! Oh, Nicole, you look stunning. Did you guys coordinate outfits or something?" Kayla Johnson asked, who was greeting and taking tickets, with Nick standing faithfully at her side. "Nah," Me and Justin said. Kayla took our tickets. "Have fun! And you guys look adorable together." She smiled meanly. Justin towed me away from the them and to a table were Drew and Danni had gotten us pizza. "Thanks," I told them as we sat down. We ate quickly and ran right to the dance floor. To my dismay, Nick came up to me. "Can you at least give me the first dance of the night?" He begged,and I looked at Justin. He told me to go ahead and give it to him.So now we were sawying back and forth to Round and Round. How appropiate. "So, how've you been?" Nick asked. "Fine. And yourself?" I asked, not even looking him in the eyes. "All right I guess. My family's been on my case, for, you kno. I saw Joe tell you." He turned us around, stepping faster to the beat of the song. "I remember the first time we did this." I smiled, letting a little of my feelings for him come back. "Yeah, I thought we'd never do this again.I never wanted to separte from you, ya kno." He smiled back. I frowned. The music blared. 'You tried to pull me close, And whisper in my ear. You've always told me lies, I've cried out all my tears. I pushed my feelings to the side and then you bring them back. B-bring them back.' I pulled away.

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