I loathe you Saga:Beautiful Romance.(16)

I loathe you Saga:Beautiful Romance.(16)

Heres number sixteen. I hope you guys like!!

Chapter 1

Beautiful Romance(16)

Victory's POV.
I woke up, and I could feel a pain in my head.
It hurt so bad, I wanted to cry.
I opened my eyes to see my dad.
"Oh, thank God your awake!" he wailed hugging me.
"Dad, where are we?" I asked.
"In a hospital, no thanks to Brent."
A lump formed in my throat.
The guy I had liked did this to me.
Not only breaking my heart, but my head as well.
"Sweetheart, I'm sorry I let this happen." he apologized.
"It's ok, you didnt know."
The doctor walked in, she was a girl, with brown hair, and brown eyes.
"Well, Victory is ok.
She should be let out in one week." she explained.
My dad turned around to face her, and that's when their eyes locked.
She stared, like she was en traced by his eye colors, and him, by how pretty she was.
It was like those cheesy love stories, where the people fell in love at first sight.
Only difference was this was real.
She blushed.
"I uh, I'm doctor Carmen Romon." she said holding out her hand.
He shooked it.
"I'm Joe Jonas." he told her.
"I know, use to be a huge fan." she admitted.
My dad laughed.
"Oh, really? well that's neat."
They were silent for a few minutes.
"Well, Victory needs breakfast, would you like to come with us?" My dad asked hopefully.
Carmen smiled.
"I'd love too." she told him.
He smiled, and so did I.
I had a feeling, this was the start to a beautiful romance.


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