Imperfect (A Paul love story)

Imperfect (A Paul love story)

Hey if any of you guys are confused with the story, it might be because i started writing this story originally on quizzes and then started writing it as a story. So if your confused just go to my profile and read the beginning of the story:) i think parts 1-9:)))))

Chapter 3

Found You

When we walked into Sam and Emily house my mood suddenly lifted. I could hear laughter coming from the living room and the faint smell of lasagna drifting from the kitchen. I saw Emily come from the kitchen to see who it was, and she smiled when she saw it was us. "About time you guys showed up," she said with a smile, "Everyone else is out back if you guys wanna join them." She continued while motioning to the back room.
We started walking down the hall when i looked into the kitchen and saw the mountain(im not exaggerating) of food she was cooking and preparing. "Hey you go on ahead you guys, im going to help Emily." Without looking back i turned and walked into the kitchen. "Want any help?" I asked. Emily turned suprised, "Yes please, i thought no one would ever ask." I laughed and imediatly jumped in and stirred the sauce. We worked in silence for awhile with the sound of laughter close by, then i gathered enough courage to ask... "Hey Emily?"
"If you dont mind me asking...where did that scar come from?" she didnt seem to be bothered by the question and she even smiled a little bit. "I was mauled by a bear a couple years back."
"....Im so sorry."
"Its alright its not like it was your fault, and i dont regret it either." I was kinda puzzled by her answer, but i didnt ask anymore questions on the subject. "Hey speaking of bears and big animals, when we were driving here, this huge brown wolf ran infront of my car. I almost hit it and once i realized what it was it scared me sh!tless. I mean im not kidding, it was the size of a horse."
I saw her body go rigid and she couldnt deny the nervousness on her face. "Would you happen to know anything about that?" I asked. She shook her head with a quick no and i turned back to my cooking and didnt press her. But just by her reaction, i got all the info i needed. We were almost done when Sam and Paul came in.
Sam walked up to Emily and wrapped his arms around her waist. She giggled and turned to face him and he gently kissed her scar down to her chin before he kissed her lips. I couldnt help but smile at what seemed to be a perfect moment. Then i felt Paul grab my hand and tug me slowly and quietly out of the kitchen. He walked me into the living room then sat me on the couch. He hadnt said one word to me since we got here and i could tell something was wrong.
"Paul?" I asked. But he didnt reply with words. Instead he grabbed my face inbetween his hands and kissed me. It was different them all his other kisses. This one wasnt tender and loving, instead it was rough and full of want. I went along with it for a while but he just kept getting rougher.
He grabbed my arm and pushed me towards him and it kinda hurt. I gently pushed on his chest trying to get him to back off a little, but he took it the wrong way and pushed me back onto the couch. He was almost completely ontop of me and i couldnt move. His hands moved to my shirt and I knew what he wanted, but i didnt want it... atleast not right now. "Paul," I said once my lips were free. "Paul....stop." He pulled back a little bit and saw the concern and small amout of fear in my eyes then imediatly pulled back.
"Im sorry Marli... I dont know what got into me." He said while putting his head into his hands. "Its ok Paul, I want you...just not right now." I said in a hushed whisper and he chuckled a little bit. He lifted his head back up to look at me and before he could say anything i kissed him and filled it with as much love as i could.
I heard someone gagging in the background and turned, not suprised, to see Seth. "What Seth??" I asked annoyed. "Sorry to inturrupt," He said while holding up his hands in surrender, "but we were all going to play hide and seek before Emily finished dinner." I thought about it for a minute and Seth looked at me with pleading eyes. "Please Marli?????????"
"Alright fine Seth."
"Yes!" he yelled while grabbing my hand and pulling me down the hall to the backyard.
Everyone was standing in a semi-circle waiting for the three of us to come. "Alright whos it?" Embry asked. "Nose goes!!" I yelled and everyones hands shot up to their noses. "Quil!" Everyone yelled while pointing over to Quil who touched his nose just a second too late. "Count to 50!" Leah yelled while taking off into the woods. I followed her into the woods before i set off on my own with Paul. "Paul, we cant hide in the same spot."
"Yes we can." He argued. I could hear Quil in the background counting "20..21..22...."
"Paul go!" I hissed.
He grumbled, but turned and started jogging in the opposite direction. I smiled to myself and looked aroung for a spot. I saw a hollow log that was big enough for me to fit into and i thought it was the perfect spot. I crawled into the log, which wasnt actually that dirty and quieted myself. I waited in silence for a few moments before i heard Quil yell "Ready or not here i come!" I waited in the silence of the woods.
I listened closely for approaching footsteps but i didnt hear....anything. Not even birds chirping. I suddenly got chills, I had never heard the forest this quiet. I was trying to keep my breathing steady when suddenly i felt a hand wrap around my leg and quickly drag me out of the log. I was laying on my stomach on the forest floor. I laughed quietly and turned to face Quil. "Alright Quil you found m-" But my breath caught in my throat.
The person standing before me wasnt Quil. He had shaggy dark brown hair, skin was as white as snow and he looked to be about 20. If i saw this man on the street i would have thought he was attractive. But what instantly made me freeze was his deep red eyes, that seemed to stare at me with hunger. "Thats right... I found you." He said hungerly, and i screamed.

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