Imperfect (A Paul love story)

Imperfect (A Paul love story)

Hey if any of you guys are confused with the story, it might be because i started writing this story originally on quizzes and then started writing it as a story. So if your confused just go to my profile and read the beginning of the story:) i think parts 1-9:)))))

Chapter 2

Hope im not inturrupting?

Right when our lips touched, I completely melted. I sank into his arms and pressed myself closer to him. Afriad that he could dissapear if I let him go. He did the same and wrapped his arms around my waist. When we finally seperated we were both breathless.
I pulled back so i could look up into his eyes. The pain and sadness that had been swiming in his eyes just a moment before was now gone, and had been replaced by pure happiness and joy. His face was no longer tear stained. Instead it was radiant and looking down at my face with adoration painted all over it.
"Paul?" I asked with a smile.
"Yes Marli?" Paul asked.
"I love you." I whispered. When I said those three little word Pauls smile went from ear to ear. He picked me up and swung me around while laughing in my ear. He didnt put me down though. He held me above the ground, then, in one swift motion, he swung my legs up so he was now carrying me bridal style.
I giggled and kissed him once more as he started walking towards the house. We walked in laughing and i could see Seth sitting on the couch with Beau and Riley, smiling at us. Then Paul made his way up the stairs to my room. He threw me onto my bed and i screamed, then laughed when i landed on the soft pillows. He climbed onto my bed next to me and i snuggled into his side.
He lifted my head so i was looking at him. Then he leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. I moved my arms from around his waist to around his neck and pressed myself closer to him. His tongue traced the bottom of my lower lip and I opened my mouth. His hands moved down to my waist then to the base of my shirt.
They started crawling up my shirt and i struggled to keep my breathing normal. Suddenly i heard someone clear their throat and I jumped, but Paul just looked irritated. Paul sighed, "Yes Leah?"
"Hope im not inturrupting?" She asked sarcastically.
"You? Inturrupting? Never!" Paul replied with sarcasm thick in his voice.
"Well excuse me for stopping you before you ate my cousins face." She snapped back. Paul opened his mouth to argue but she raised her hand to stop him. "Save it. I just came to tell you that Sam called and he wants everyone to go to his house for dinner."
When Leah said that she gave Paul a weird look which he seemed to return with a nod. Almost like they were having a silent conversation. "Alright sounds good. Would you want to come Marli?" He asked, odviously trying to distract me. But i didnt fall for it. "Sure!" I agreed, acting like I didnt suspect anything. "Great! Lets go." He said while tugging me from my bed.
I grabbed my jacket from my closet then ran down the stairs with Leah and Paul right behind me. I could see Seth already waiting by the car, bouncing with anxiety. I climbed into the drivers seat with Paul in the passenger seat and Seth and Leah in the back, and started the car. We were all laughing about something when suddenly a massive animal ran out into the middle of the road. I screamed and slammed on the brakes, skidding to a stop aboout 5 feet away from it. I looked at it and i screamed again.
It was a giant russet brown wolf. Like MASSIVE! It looked at the car for a split second then dissapeared into the woods. "What the helll is Jacob doing out here!?" I heard Seth asked Leah in a hushed voice. I acted like i didnt hear him. But wasnt Jacob one of their friends?? I realized that something really weird was going on, and i was about to find out. After i calmed down enough I started the car again and drove the last mile to Sam and Emily's.
Paul got out of the car and wrapped his arm around me, and walked with me to the front door. But i was too busy looking in the nearby forest for wolves to notice.....

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