Imperfect (A Paul love story)

Imperfect (A Paul love story)

Hey if any of you guys are confused with the story, it might be because i started writing this story originally on quizzes and then started writing it as a story. So if your confused just go to my profile and read the beginning of the story:) i think parts 1-9:)))))

Chapter 1

I Love You

The rest of the ride home was silent. I know that Leah and Seth knew why i was so quiet and reserved. But they knew i didnt want to talk about it so they kept as silent as me. When we arrived home i stepped out of the car and sitting on the front steps was, Paul. My body stiffened. He was the absolute last person i wanted to see right now. But it didnt really seem like i had a choice.
I walked silently towards him with Leah and Seth on my heels. He watched me walk over but i kept my head down because i knew that if i looked him in the eyes, all my anger towards him would fade away and i wouldnt be able to fight it. He stood up and walked towards me, closing the gap between us. I could feel both Leah and Seths bodies tensing as they stood their ground to protect me, but i waved them away.
"You guys go, ill be fine. And i want to talk alone." They both looked at me for a second then Seth slowly walked towards the house but Leah lingered back. She put her hand on my shoulder, "Holler if you need us." she said and finally started towards the house.
When the front door finally clicked shut, i braced myself for the emotions i was about to face. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before i spoke. But before i could even speak one word I felt hot arms wrap themselves around me and I instantly recognized them as Pauls.
He held me close, so my head was on his chest. But my arms were at my sides, unsure of what i should do. My throat and head ached as i tried to hold the tears in, and i could feel my eyes getting puffy. My breathing was short and quick hiding the sobs that were threatening to come any second. We stood like that for a minute till finally Pual whispered, " please." and I could hear the tears in his voice. I looked up at him and instantly broke down when i saw his face. His face was wet with tears and his eyes were bloodshot and puffy. He looked into my eyes and i could see the utter regret and pain in them. I threw my arms around him and sobbed into his chest, as hot tears feel onto my hair. "I am so sorry Marli." Paul whispered. "But why Paul? Why did you use me?" I asked with the pain obvious in my voice.
Paul looked hurt at those words."I didnt use you Marli. I like you, more than you can ever imagine. And when i saw you, you completely filled my mind and everything else suddenly wasnt important to me. Only you were. And now i hate myself for hurting you and putting you through hell. When i snapped at you today its because i was jealous, I wanted to be the one that walked you to class and sat with you at all your classes. But-"
"But you had Katie." I finished for him.
"Not anymore." He replied shortly.
I looked up at him, and he was completely serious. "I broke up with her after i yelled at you. Because i realized that she was keeping me from something great." While he said that his hands found there way to mine and our fingers laced together. He held them up in front of us as if he was examining them, so i did too.
They were different in every single way. My skin was pale compared to his russet skin, and my small delicate hands looked even more fragile next to his strong ones. But despite their differences, our hands fit perfectly together. He seemed to notice it too and he squeezed my hand, then kissed the back of it. "I am truly sorry Marli. I promise to never hurt you again."
His hand cupped my chin and tilted my face so i was looking him in the eyes.
"You are my world," He continued, "and nothing could effect the way i feel about you, I love you Marli." And then he leaned down and kissed me.....TBC:)))))))

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