Happily Ever After [2]

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Chapter 1

Mountain Lion

At Home~

The second I walked through the front door, my mom and our next door neighbor Liza ran out. "Oh, you scared the living daylights out of me! Where were you?!" My mom said exasperated while giving each of us a kiss on the cheek and a hug.
"Mommy! This boy gave us a horse!" Lor said and Mom picked her up. "I'll go put it in the back." I whispered and dodged out of Mom and Liza's acusing glances. Last time I accidentally fell asleep someone died.
Once I was out in the meadow with my friend Trish. We both accidentally fell asleep...only I woke up. While we were asleep, a vampire had silently fed on Trish. Trish was Liza's daughter.
I walked into the shed in the backyard and the horse followed. I used to stay in here and sleep throughout the night because of the large skylight in the ceiling. I looked up and sighed. I took the rope off of the horse and then the saddle. I hung them up on the wall and picked up an old horse brush we used when we had Sally. I gently brushed the tall, pitch-black horse.
After the incident with Trish, no one in the town had ever treated me the same. They called me murderer and evil. When my name was mentioned, people would cry out. Liza's husband has been threatening me ever since; everynight and day I am hit by various men. In this town, to hit a woman is normal.
I kept brushing the horse until I heard a light tap. I looked up and saw a black silhouette on the skylight that quickly disappeared. My heart stopped and I looked at the shed door which was wide open.
"Luka!" I heard my mom yell. I wanted to go to the house but I was scared if something was going to get me on the way to the house. I swallowed, stepped right in front of the doorway, and broke into a run towards the house. I ran in through the back door, shut, and locked it. I sighed and looked at my mom. She had tears in her eyes and there was a guard of the prince next to her. "Luka, you must leave." I looked at my mom confused.
The guard came over and rested a hand on my shoulder while leading me toward the door. "You are now a slave of the Prince." He said in an unbelievably low voice. "You may go change, then come down." Sam pushed me up the stairs to my room and I changed into shorts and a tank top. I walked back downstairs hesitantly while putting on my hightops. I reached the guard and he pushed me out the front door. "Mom!" I screamed and managed to pull away from the man. Instead of going towards my mom, I ran towards the forest-all fears vanishing.

Around 1 In The Morning~

I sat down with my back against a tree and finally took a breath. I had been running for what felt like forever and my body felt like jell-o... literally. I finally managed to catch my breath after a few minutes. I laid my head against the trunk and closed my eyes. The second I heard a scream, my head flew up. In front of me was a large mountain lion-a shape shifter. I was to tired-and to scared- to move. Oh God, I'm going to die.
The lion moved closer and I closed my eyes. It screamed, and I squeezed my eyes shut, preparing for the incredible pain. When I didn't feel any pain, I opened my eyes and gasped when I saw a dark silhouette in the shadows next to the now dead mountain lion. I gasped and with all of my might managed to stand up, but I had to lean on the tree or I'd fall face first. I closed my eyes and my body screamed in pain from being sore and tired.
I smiled slightly. "What is this? A kill...for a kill?" I heard a low, enchanting laugh. "Not really my best joke." I mumbled and took a step away fom the tree; like expected, I fell. I prepared for the hard impact on the ground but instead, I felt arms wrap around my waist from behind and pull me up.
I blacked out.

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