The Enemy I Hate Is The One I Love(A Jacob Black Love Story)Prt2

The Enemy I Hate Is The One I Love(A Jacob Black Love Story)Prt2

Chapter 1

The Woods Alone And Scared Until He Comes

I layed next to the huge wolf. He was warm and soft. I closed my eyes. "What are you doing here?" I heard a man say. "This is my territory. My land." I think Jacob said this. "But with her?" The other one said. I quickly rose up. Edward and Jacob were talking. I stomped over to Edward. "First of all my name isn't her. Second, why are you here? And third, find someone else's soul to suck out!" They both starred at me. "What?!?" I yelled at them. Jacob was about to say something until I cut him off. "And why are you here? I came to get away from you acting like a jerk!" I poked his chest. He stepped back a little. I looked at Edward. "When either of you wanna act like jerks or argue don't do it around me!" I turned around and ran. I heard both of them yelling and telling me to wait, but I just couldn't. My legs were going one way that always worked for me. Forward and never back.
I don't know how far I ran, but I was in a meadow. I walked by and sat next to the water and watched leaves float down stream. After a while that seemed like forever. I saw Chocolate again. I went over to go pet him looking into his chocolate eyes and thought about Jacob and then about how he and Edward were fighting about things that were really stupid, but I didnt care anymore. I thought I shouldn't care but I did more than anything in the world. The next thing I know I see Edward and he looked angry with his eyes on Chocolate as if he wanted to snap his neck off, but then he saw me and softened a bit keeping his eyes on Chocolate. Chocolate saw him and stayed with me as if trying to protect me from Edward. I stepped in front of Chocolate. "What do you want Edward? And get your eyes off of Chocolate!" He looked at me. I pet Chocolate who was by my side now. "I came too apologies. I-" I cut him off. "Sorry for what?! Being a jerk? Argueing about me with Jacob? Or pretty much just saying that you hate me?" He starred at me. I sighed. "Come on, Chocolate." He hesitated. "Come on. He's not worth our time." Chocolate growled at Edward. Then came with me. I could still feel Edwards eyes on me.
I walked away with Chocolate through the woods for a while til out of nowhere I saw Edward again following me. I couldnt take it anymore. I turned around. "Go away and leave me alone!" Then I turned around and kept walking, but Edward was in front of me. "What are you going to do bite me?" I rolled my eyes. "Maybe." Edward had a develish grin on his face. "If your trying to act like Jacob your doing a good job! Being a jerk and careless is deffinetley Jacob! Plus if you bite me thats a reason for Jacob to kill you!" He just starred at me. I huffed and walked away.

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