how i met lil wayne

how i met lil wayne

its a story about how this girl met lil wayne

Chapter 1

my life

ugg dont u hate when you have to wake up in the morning and u have to go to school well thats what i have to do well my name is danyelle and i want to tell you how my life goes and how i met a suprizing thing so i go to school and l get in here comes the populer girlz dont u hate them when they think ur hole outfit is ugly ugh them girlz need to get a life well there names r ashley,kayeleigh,shelby and brittney brittney is the head captien of the cheerleading but i play basketball so heres my friends name gabby,maddie,chloe,and john well hes a boy but still my friend well i get to my locker well gusse wat brittney is right beside mine and here she comes brittney:o hey losser. and right then she spills her drink right on my white t shirt brittney:opps srry. she walks away giggling everybody is stairing at u im gonna skipp school k its boring u race home open the door and run upstairs and throw ur bag on the floor and get a new t shirt and change.


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