Can A Broken Heart Be Mended

sorry if it suck....enjoy =)

Chapter 2

It's OK...just Party!

by: MiSS_CRiS
When I walked out the back door I could feel a fews eyes on me and I already knew whos it was; Jake, Quil and Embry. I ignored them and walked over to my grampa who was talking with Billy Black.

"Hey honey, you feeling a little better?" my grampa asked
"I guess." I said with a shrug
"It'll get better!" Billy said
"I know!" I said
"Where's Kale?" my grampa asked
"He fell asleep in my room." I said
"Ok, well go and eat something; before the boys wipe out everything." he said with a laugh

I walked over to the food table and I knew my shoulder were slumped over; it felt as it I had the weight of the world sitting on them. I let out a sigh as I looked at all the food that was laid out; I really wasn't in the mood to eat and I haven't been for the past few days since my parents accident.

I peeked over at my grampa just to make sure he wasn't watching me and slipped around the side of the house. I shoved my hands into my pockets and began walking towards the beach. Once there I took off my flip-flops and let the ice cold water wash over my feet. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms tighly around myself.

I reminesed about all the fun times I had at the beach with my parents. I don't remember the air being so cold back then; but that was a happier time so I guess the weather fit this situation. Now everything has changed and I know I have too.

I felt something placed over my shoulders and when I look it was Jake with one of my jackets.

"Thanks." I said with a weak smile
"No problem, I knew you'd need it." he said
"I don't know what I'm going to do Jake." I said looking down at the water as it washed over my toes
"You'll get through it, I'll help you. I'll always be here for you." he said wrapping his arms around me

We stayed like that for a while longer but I knew Kale would be waking up soon.

"Let's get back, I don't want Kale thinking I ran away again." I said, he just nodded

We walked back to the house silently. I wasn't in the mood for a lot of talking and Jake knew that; he didn't pry much like Embry who was always trying to get something out of me. When we reached the house Kale was sitting with Quil eating, well picking at his food. He looked up at me and smiled, I walked over and sat next to him.

"Aren't you going to eat?" I asked
"I'm not hungry!" he stated
"You're always hungry." I said
"Ok...I'm a little hungry." he said
"Then eat!" I stated
"Only if you eat." he said looking up at me
"Okay!" I said and went to make a small plate

I walked back to the table and took a bite of my food.

"Now it's your turn." I said

Kale began to slowly eat his food but afte a few bite he started shovling food into his mouth; I laughed a bit at that. Later that evening after everyone left I put Kale to sleep then went and sat on the porch.

"You should get some sleep!" I heard my grampa say from behind me
"I don't want to sleep; everytime I do I see their faces." I said
"I know it's hard right now, but it will get better." he said placing a hand on my shoulder
"I hope so!" I stated

As the following weeks went by Jake would always come over and cheer up since he's the only one that really could. But then he just stopped coming or calling; according to Billy he was sick and wasn't allowed to have any visitors. I didn't plan on sitting around the house mopping around. I spent most of my days on the beach or out in Port Angeles with Leah or Kim.

Another day with no word from Jake and it's a pretty sunny day. I got changed into my bikini and placed a demin mini over it. I grabbed my beach bag and made my short walk to the beach and Leah was already there.

"Hey Leah!" I said a bit down
"Still no word from Jake?" she asked
"Nope, nothing!" I stated placing my bag next to hers.

I laid my towel out and sat down. It wasn't very long when we noticed a buch of guys on the cliff. Cliffdiving wasn't my thing since I'm not all that fond of heights.

"Hey, isn't that Jake?" Leah said
"Where?" I asked looking around
"Right there?" she pointed to the cliff at the guy who was about to jump

I felt my heart shudder and skip a beat; it was him. I guess that's how he spends the day while he's sick; cliffdiving. I watched as he jumped and they all began the swim back to shore. I stood from my spot and walked down the beach toward them. As I got closer I knew which one was Jake by the way he stood reguardless of the fact that he cut his hair.

"Jake!"I called out since his back was facing me; he turned around
"What are you doing here?" he said; his voice hard
"Is this what you do when your sick?" I asked
"You should go!" he stated looking down "Just stay away from me." he said
" said you'd always be there for me, but that was a lie. You're a guy and that's what guys do. It's turns out that I really don't need you; for anything." I said and walked away

I walked back to Leah and took a seat burying my face in my hands.

"You Ok?" she asked
"Yeah, I'll be fine!" I replied
"So....theres this party this weekend at Cody's house." she said
"I know, he called Quil yesterday to let him know." I said
"Are you going?" she asked
"Yeah, in wanna get my mind off Jake." I said
"You like him!" she stated
"No, I liked who he was. Not who he is now." I said

We spent the rest of the day at the beach just talking and laughing. Every now and then my mind would wander to Jake, he left a while ago but that didn't stop me from looking toward the last place he was. He was once such a good friend to me, he was there for me when my parents died and said he always would be; he let me down, but who gives right--I don't, not anymore.

The rest of the week went by quickly and it always seemed to be a clear day which really cheered me up. The party was tonight and I just couldn't wait to go; Quil said he was going to stay home. I spent the day at home with Kale since I hadn't been around that much. We sat around watching movies and playing some video games.

"Are you going out tonight?" he asked
"Just for a little while with Leah." I replied
"Can I come?" he asked
"Not tonight! But we'll go watch a movie or something tomorrow, Ok." I said
"Ok!" he said cheerfully

Later that afternoon I went over to Leahs to get ready. I had everything I needed from clothes to hair styling tools to makeup. Leah thought I was over doing the whole thing but I assured her I wasn't. When we finished getting ready we both stood looking in the mirror.

"Ok, either you're going to be ''over'' dressed or I'm going to be ''under'' dressed." Leah stated
"You look fine!" I said
"Do you always dress like that when you go to parties?" she asked
"This is nothing compared to how I dressed for parties back home." I replied
"But you're so made up, how could you dress up any more then you are now?" she asked
"If you lived where I did, you'd understand." I said looking at myself

To me my outfit was fairly simple; denim mini, white tubetop with a black vest over it, black heels and some acessories. My hair hung down my back in big loose curls; my makeup consisted of a subtle smokey eye, liner and gloss.

"I'm glad I didn't live there." she stated
"It wasn't that bad, plus I like dressing up." I said with a shrug "Esspecially for parties!" I stated
"I can see that!" she said
"Come on let's go!" I stated and pulle her out the door grabbing my purse as I passed the door.

Since Cody's house wasn't far we decided to walk. When we got to the house it was packed; I smiled and pulled Leah along. I had a feeling that this was going to be one interesting night. We ran right into Cody as soon as we walked through the door.

"Hey Cody, sorry bout that." I said
"No worries, wheres Quil?" he asked
"At home being ''lame'' as usual." I said
"Of course, so how you been?" he asked
"I've been Ok!" I replied
"That's good, well you guys have fun!" he said

The music was blasting and I couldn't help but want to dance.

"Come on!" I said pulling Leah to where everyone was dancing
"No, no I don't dance." she said pulling free of my grip
"Fine! I'll dance by myself." I said and contiued on

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