Can A Broken Heart Be Mended

sorry if it suck....enjoy =)

Chapter 1

Pain! Loss!

by: MiSS_CRiS
It's early July. As I stand on the edge of the precipice the crisp air sends a chill down my spine as it touches my bare arms and face; making it feel more like October, the remnants of summmer long gone; as it should be on this dreadful day. I guess that's to be expected in this part of the country. I look down at the dark waters below and watch as the waves disappear and crash against the rocks I cannot see.

This is it, the end of everything. All I know is gone and there is nothing left for me in this cold dark place. I hear my name being called and I look toward the sound as the wind whips my damp hair across my face, but I don't answer. I close my eyes and wish that I had the strength the throw my self over the edge. I twinge of guilt washes over me at the thought. I open my eyes and see rip at the bottom of the black dress I'm wearing.

I feel the tears build up as I think about how it happened. The pain in my little brothers eyes as he begged me not go. I said nothing as I pulled my arm from his grasp and ran for the woods. I couldn't be there, couldn't be where they lay the dead to rest. I couldn't be there to watch as they lowered my parents caskets in to the ground. I ran as fast as my legs would take me till I reached the spot that I am now standing in.

I never wanted to go on this vacation; our ''last'' vacation. I knew it wouldn't be for the best as my father had put it; I was right. Why did we have to come here? Why did it have to happened like it did? All it took was one stupid teenage girl who was to busy talking on her phone, not bothering to pay attention to the road. One girl to cause the accident that ended my parents life. How could one act of stupidity cause everything to change in a split second.

I regretted everything that happened in the last few weeks that we were here in this god forsaken town. If I'm being completely honest with myself I don't regret what happened just the way I acted toward my parents. I knew I was being overly dramatic about the whole situation. It's not like I didn't like this place because I did, but it was the summer before my last year in high school; I had so much planned.

Oh how I wished I could take it all back, but knowing that I would never be able too. I heard my name again but this time it wasn't as distant as the first time. I didn't bother looking over my shoulder; I'd know the voice anywhere, a voice that would usually put a smile on my face--but not this time.

I could only imagine how I looked to him right now. I knew I was a mess, I don't even know how many times my hair got caught in the branches along the way and how many times I stumbled to keep my balance on the uneven forest floor. If it wasn't for the rain my face would be streaked with mascara though I was sure it still was.

"Kai?" he called out to me again

My world was already over and my heart was no long whole. I didn't care what he had to say let alone anyone else. I felt a warm hand grab hold of my wrist, I didn't bother acknowledging him.

"Everyone is worried about you!" he said
"It doesn't matter! Nothing does anymore!" I whispered
"What about Kale, does he matter?" he asked
"Don't bring my brother into this." I said feeling the guilt wash over me again
"Why? You're all he has left." he said
"We both know that's not true. He has Quil and grampa." I said keeping my eyes on the water
"He needs his sister!" he stated
"I can't do it Jake....I can't!" I said my voice breaking with every word

I had nothing left in me; I was empty, as empty as the space between where I stood and the water below. In that moment the dark waters seemed so inviting; a never ending sea of nothingness.

"I know you can! You're so much stronger than this Kai, don't give up now." he said pulling me closer to him

My body gave up and I fell into him, letting him wrap his warm arms around me. I wrapped my arms around his waist as I cried into his chest. I knew nothing would ever be the same, but Jake was right I was stronger than this and I needed to stay strong for my brother. The thought of him made everything seem so much harder. He was so young and my parents would never get to see him grow up and become the great person I know he will be.

"Let's get you to the house." he whispered and pulled me along

The drive was silent as we made our way back to my grampas house. I knew everone would be there and I wasn't in the mood for it. As soon as we pulled up to the house I was out of the car before Jake even had the chance to park it. I ran past everyone and went straight to my room.

I closed the door behind me and threw myself unto my bed pulling the pillow to my chest. I replayed everything that happened in my head. How could I have been such a bi+ch, my parents didn't deserve it, but now it's too late to apologize for anything. I was lost in my thoughts letting the fresh tears soak my sheets. I heard my door open slightly.

"Kai?" my brother whispered

I looked up and he was lingering by the door way with sadness in his eyes.

"Can I come in?" he asked
"Ya!" I replied sitting up

He closed the door quietly and crawled into the bed and curled up next to me. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him onto my lap cradling him there.

"I didn't think you were coming back." he whispered
"You know me better then that Kale." I said
"But you ran away." he said looking up at me
"I know and I'm sorry! I shouldn't have done that." I said
"I miss mom and dad!" he said letting the tears fall
"I miss them too!" I said

We sat quietly after that, for a little 6 year old my brother sometimes seemed stronger then me. He rarely ever cried; even if he got hurt. But this was different, a different kind of pain; a pain no one as young as him should ever have to feel. I held him close as he cried silently and I cired with him.

It wasn't long before there was a knock at my door, when Kale didn't move at the sound I knew he had cried himself to sleep. I placed him on the pillow and pulled the covers over him.

"It's open!" I called to whoever it was

The door opened a bit and Quil poped his head in.

"Can I come in?" he asked
"Sure!" I said

He walked in and took a seat at the end of the bed.

"Everyone was really worried about you, especially Kale and grampa." he said
"I know....but I just couldn't be there. I couldn't watch them put my parents in the ground knowing I'd never see them again." I said
"I know, I understand. That's why I wasn't worried about you. I knew you needed time." he said placing a hand on my shoulder. "But right now grampa wants you to go and eat something. And don't give the ''I'm not hungry'' excuse." he said
I smiled a bit "I'll be right out, I just need to get cleaned up a bit." I said
"Yeah, the whole mother nature look doesn't really work for you." he joked pulling a twig out of my hair
"Thanks!" I said getting up off the bed

Quil walked out closing the door behind him. I went over to the mirror and began picking out the remaining twigs and leaves from my hair. I pulled my hair back and placed it in a messy bun, then changed into a pair of black skinny jeans and a teal tank top, I slipped on a pair of reef flats and headed out to where everyone was.

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