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Chapter 1

Back Home

by: MiSS_CRiS
It's Monday! My daughter and I are driving from the tiny Port Angeles airport to my hometown of La Push. As I drove along the familiar streets all the reasons I never wanted to come back to this place hit me. I looked over at my daughter who had fallen asleep in her car seat and smiled to my self. All of this will be good for the both of us; I hope.

The dim light of the setting sun is finally fading beyond the trees as if telling me that I'm almost home. I round the last corner and the tiny reservation stretches out in front of me. It's not hard to spot my grandmothers house; and another that I didn't want to be reminded of. I pull up to my grandmothers house and take my daughter out of her seat. I walk up to the door and knock; the door opens after a few seconds.

"Hey grams!" I say with a smile
"You're here!" she smiles and hugs me
"Sorry, it took so long." I said
"I understand!" she say "Come, you can put her in the room." she says

I follow her upstairs to my old room and lay my daughter down. I quietly walk out of the room and back downstairs.

"She's gotten so big Alana!" she exclaims "And she looks so much like her father!" she states
"Yeah, she does!" I say
"Are you sure being back here is for the best?" she ask's
"I really hope so!" I reply "New York has been great but the ''city'' life is just too much right now." I say
"Is everything settled with the house?" she asks
"Yes! I'm going to pick up the key's in the morning and the movers should be there by noon." I reply
"Are you going to talk to him?" she asks
"I'm not ready to cross that bridge just yet." I reply
"You're going to have to talk to him sooner or later." she states
"Grams, Jake and I...what reason do I have to think that he actually cares?" I asked
"He is her father!" she states
"I know that." I say
"But he doesn't!" she stated
"Well, that isn't my fault! I sent him a letter to let him know I was pregnant and it was sent back. I called, but he was never around and never returned my calls." I said "I'm going to get our bags!" I said and walk out to the car.

I leaned next to the car trying to think but my thoughts were so scrabbled. I looked up and saw a familiar face walking up the street; Leah Clearwater. I smiled when she looked my way and waved. I walked down to meet up with her.

"Alana?" she asked surprised
"One and only!" I say with a shurg
"OMG! Its been years!" she says with a hug
"I know!" I say
"I heard you had a baby." she says
"Yeah, I have a daughter." I say
"What's her name? How old is she?" she asks
"Her name is Alyssa, she just turned 4!" I reply
"Wow...wait! Is Jake?" she asks
"Yeah, but don't say anything, I'll talk to him when I'm ready." I reply
"Don't worry, I wont!" she says "So you visiting your grams?" she asks
"No, just moved back." I reply
"That's great!" she says "I gotta get going, but I'll see later." she says
"Ok!" I say

I got our bags from the car and took them into the house. I went to sit with my grandma after I placed the bags in the room. She placed a cup of tea infront of me and took a seat.

"Hows your mom and dad?" she asked
"Um...their good." I said
"That's good, I haven't heard from them in a while." she said
"Well you know how they are." I said
"I do! What about your work?" she asked
"The party planning thing is going great, well it was in New York. I'd have to find a space to rent out here if I wanna open up another shop." I replied "I passed a club in Port Angeles when I left the airport, when did that open?" I asked
"A few years ago, you should see how it is one night." she said
"Maybe!" I said "I'm gonna get some sleep." I said

I placed my cup in the sink and kissed my grandmas forehead before I headed up to the room. I got changed and climbed into bed next to Alyssa. I woke the next morning and Alyssa wasn't in bed; I could hear her laughing downstairs. I walked into the living room and she was sitting infront of the coffee table with a bowl of cereal watching cartoons.

"Here you go!" my grams said handing me a cup of coffee
"Thanks!" I said leaning against the wall "She sounds like him when she laughs." I said smiling to myself
"There's a lot about her that's just like her father." she stated
"Yeah, I guess it took coming back here to make me realize that." I said "I better get ready, I have to go pick up the keys." I said

I walked up to the room and showered then got ready. When I got back downstairs Alyssa was in the kitchen helping grams wash dishes.

"Who taught you how to wash dishes?" grams asked
"Mommy!" Alyssa replied "She taught me a lot of things." she said
"Like what?" grams asked
"How to fold my clothes, put away my toys and a whole bunch of stuff." she replied

I smiled as I listened to their little conversation.

"Hi mommy!" she said jumping down from the chair and running over to me.
"Hey sweetie!" I said
"I'm helping grams wash dishes!" she said excitedly
"I can see that!" I said "I have to go and pick up the keys for our house, so you can stay here and keeps grams company." I said
"Ok mommy!" she said and ran back to the sink
"I'll see you guys later!" I said

I had to drive all the way to Port Angeles to pick of the keys to our new home from the realators offices. It took longer then I expected to get back to La Push and when I did I found a note on the front door of my grams house saying they went for a walk on the beach. I went up to the room and got our bags and put them in the car before I headed down to the beach.

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