I Love You Jacob Black [girls only]

Chapter 3

part 3

by: MiSS_CRiS
The next day my dad went back to California to get everything settled and would be coming back in a week.

A few days have past and I was glad that Jake was keeping his distance. I was going a little insane about being in the house all the time so since it was Friday I decided to take Leah out to a new club that opened up in Port Angeles. I figured I should talk to Sue first though.

Me: "Hey, Aunt Sue?" I said
Sue: "Yes Lexie." she replied
Me: "I was thinking about taking Leah out tonight, get her out of the house." I said
Sue: "That sounds like a good idea, you girls have some fun." she said
Me: "Thank you." I said hugging her

I walked to Leah's room where she was just sitting there looking out her window.

Me: "I'm taking you out tonight." I said
Leah: "I don't want to go out." she said
Me: "I wasn't asking, plus you need to get out and have some fun." I said

She just sat there with the 'I don't give a damn' look on her face.

Me: "Come on Leah, please." I said
Leah: "OK, fine." she said.

We just lounged around the house till about 6pm, then it was time to get ready. Trying to get Leah ready to go out to a club was the funniest thing I've even done. Seeing how shes lived on a little reservation her whole life she never bought any clothes that she could go "out" in.

Leah: "What am I supposed to wear?" she asked
Me: "Well you don't exactly have the right clothes." I said looking in her closet
Leah: "Where are we going anyway? "she asked
Me: "To the new teen dance club that just opened in Port Angeles." I said
Leah: "I don't have clothes to go to a dance club." she said
Me: "I can see that." I said
Leah: "Looks like you're going alone." she said
Me: "Nice try, you'll just have to use my clothes." I said dragging her to my room.

I picked out my outfit first--a whited fitted top, jeans and white DC shoes--I wasn't sure what to put Leah in. I grabbed a few tops and threw them at her.

Me: "Pick one!" I said
Leah: "You're joking right, I don't use these kids of clothes." she protested
Me: "You'll look fine, now pick one." I said

I grabbed a pair of jeans and a denim skirt holding them both up. Of course Leah picked jeans which wasn't a surprise. While Leah was still deciding what top to wear I took a quick shower and got dressed. When I came back into the room she was dressed in a turquoise knitted tank and the jeans with a pair of my reef sandals.

Me: "You look nice!" I stated
Leah: "Thanks." she said
Me: "OK lets do something about your hair." I said

I sat Leah in a chair and started curling her hair, I used a big curler instead of a small one so the curls would come out bigger. I knew she wouldn't let me put makeup on her so I worked on myself--straightening my hair and subtle makeup.

It was about 7:30pm when we were finished getting ready, I grabbed my bag, jacket and keys and we headed for the door.

During the drive to Port Angeles it was pretty quiet.

Leah: "I can't believe you're making me go to a club." she grumbled
Me: "Oh knock it off, it'll be fun you'll see." I said

We pulled into the parking lot soon after and as we made our way to the entrance there was a long line. I stood there for a moment reading the name of the club--it was SKIEZ. I cocked my head to the side staring at it.

Leah: "Are you OK?" she asked
Me: "Yah, deja vu, that's all." I replied

I heard someone say my name and I look towards the door, it was my friend Shaun. Now I realized why the club name seemed so familiar to me.

Me: "Hey Shaun!" I said hugging him
Shaun: "What are you doing here?" he asked
Me: "I live down in La Push now." I replied
Shaun: "Oh cool." he said
Me: "What are you doing here, I thought you guys moved to Seattle." I said
Shaun: "We did, but since my dad opened this place we come down on the weekends to run it." he said
Me: "Thats awesome, at least he's putting you to work." I said with a laugh
Shaun: "Still making jokes I see." he said
Me: "Well you know me, is Shane here?" I asked
Shaun: "Yeah, his inside. Come on." he said
Leah: "You know him!" she stated
Me: "Yah, I went to school with his brothers." I replied

We followed Shaun into the club, I looked to the left and there was Shane behind the bar as usual--their dad had a bunch of restaurants and dance clubs in California.

Shaun: "Shane, look who I found." he said

Shane looked over at me with a smile so I smiled back, he jumped over the bar and pulled me into a hug.

Shane: "What are you doing here?" he asked when he released me.
Me: "I moved to La Push with my dad." I replied
Shane: "I didn't think I was going to see you after we moved to Seattle." he said
Me: "I didn't think so either, well now since you guys are here on weekends we should hang out if you have time." I said
Shane: "You know it." he said
Me: "Hey can you put our stuff behind the bar?" I asked
Shane: "Yeah, sure." he said grabbing our things and placing them under the counter.

I introduced Leah to the guys and we just talked for a bit till I heard Shilohs voice.
Shiloh: "Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or is that my girl Lex." he said

He was up in the DJ booth doing his thing, I turned his way with a smile and wave.

Shiloh: "Guys that girl right there is one of the best dancers I know." I said pointing to me.

Everyone in the club turned to see who he was talking about. I felt my cheeks heat up as they all looked at me.

Shiloh: "Come on girl, show them what you got." he said

One of the many songs he know I dance to came on--'spotlight'--I looked over at Shane.

Me: "Lets do it." I said
Shane: "Lets go!" he said

Shane was always my dance partner when we went out dancing, we also were in San Francisco School of The Arts together.

Me: "I'll be back!" I told Leah
Leah: "I didn't know you could dance." she said

I just smiled as Shane and I made our way to the dance floor.

Jakes POV

I haven't seen Lexie since the day of the funeral and it's killing me. I never realized how much it would hurt to be away from her. They weren't joking when they said you couldn't live without your imprint. I keep thinking back to the pain she had in her eyes on the beach when she told me that she once loved me--letting her walk away tore me apart. I've been patrolling nonstop since then and I know my thoughts have been annoying the guys, Sam keeps telling me that she'll come around.

Bella came back a few days ago with ''HIM'' it still bothers me that she's willing to give up everything just to be with him, but since I've imprinted she means nothing more to me then just a friend.

It's Friday night , I'm sitting at home with Billy and Rachel. I hoped that Sam would let me patrol tonight but he doesn't need me. I was in my room laying on the bed doing nothing but staring at the ceiling. There was a knock on the door and I didn't even have to chance to tell who ever it was to go way when Quil and Embry came walking in.

Me: "Go away guys!" I said
Embry: "No, we're going out." he said
Me: "Then go out." I replied
Quil: "You really should come." he said
Embry: "Yeah, we're going to the new club in Port Angeles." he said
Me: "I'm good, you guys can go." I said
Quil: "You sure you don't wanna go, Lexie went." he said
Me: "Yeah sure, just an excuse for me to go along." I replied
Embry: "Seriously, she's went with Leah." he said
Me: "And how do you know that?" I asked
Quil: "Seth told us." he said
Me: "Fine, but if she's not there I'm leaving." I said
Embry: "OK!" he said

I got up and grabbed a shirt and headed out with the guys. During the whole drive I didn't say a word while Quil and Embry talked to each other. When we arrived at the club the line was long, but thankfully we weren't waiting long. I walked in behind Embry and Quil we were right at the edge of the dance floor. I scanned the room and noticed Lexie dancing and as I watched I saw she was dancing with some guy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing but I couldn't do anything about it as much as I wanted to because she wasn't mine. I just stood their watching her as she danced with a smile on her face. I don't know how long I was standing there when Lexie looked up and locked eyes with me. At first she seemed surprised then nothing--no pain, hatred...nothing--then she smiled.

As I stood there a few girls came up to me asking to dance or just to talk, I ignored them keeping my eyes on Lexie.
End of Jakes POV

I was dancing with Shane and it felt like I was back home. Shaun had been keeping Leah company and before I knew it they were dancing right next to us. I wasn't aware of how long we were dancing--that always happened when I danced, I get lost in the music--I looked up and just at the edge of the dance floor I saw Jake. I was surprised to see him so I smiled, he stood there for a while and every so often I'd look up at him. As he stared at me all the feelings I once had for him came flooding back.

When the song Shane and I were dancing too was finished we walked over to the bar. I sat at one of the stools and Shane sat next to me.

Shane: "Looks like you still got your moves." he said
Me: "Oh I never lose my touch. But you on the other hand seem to be getting a little rusty." I joked
Shane: "Haha very funny." he said nudging me

He got up and walked around the bar stopping in front of me.

Shane: "The usual?" he asked
Me: "No, waters fine." I said

He gave me a weird look then placed a bottle of water in front of me. My usual consisted of a little bit of everything for the soda fountain--its actually pretty good.

Shane: "So how was school after I moved?" he asked
Me: "The same but I couldn't find a partner that could keep up with me so I just went solo." I replied
Shane: "You know that could've whipped anyone into shape to keep up with you." he said
Me: "I know but it didn't feel right dancing with someone else." I said
Shane: "Aww I feel special." he joked
Me: "Whatever." I said

I looked back and Jake was still standing in the same place.

Leah: "You're right, I am having fun." she said coming over to me
Me: "Told you so." I said
Leah: "Thanks." she said
Me: "No problem. Excuse me." I said

I got up off the stool and made my way through the crowd of people to where Jake stood, he looked surprised when he turned and seen me coming up to him.

Me: "Hey!" I said
Jake: "Hey." he said
Me: "Who are you here with?" I asked
Jake: "Quil and Embry, their around here somewhere." he replied
Me: "Oh..." I said
Jake: "Who's your friend, the guy you were dancing with?" he asked
Me: "A friend from back home, his dad owns this place." I replied
Jake: "Oh!" he said

We stood there silently and it was kind of awkward.

Me: "You wanna dance?" I asked looking up at him
Jake: "I don't really dance." he said
Me: "Please!" I said with puppy dog eyes
Jake: "OK, fine." he said

I grabbed his hand and led him onto the dance floor, I looked over at Leah and she had a smile on her face. We danced to a few songs and I was surprised by Jakes moves I mean for someone who said they didn't really dance--he was really good. Once again I was lost in the music when a slow song came on, I stood there as did Jake--I don't exactly do slow songs. Jake put one arm around me, pulling me against his body and placed his free had on my face, then his lips were on mine--it was soft and sweet. At first I was shocked by it but I got over it and kissed him back.

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