I Love You Jacob Black [girls only]

Chapter 12

part 12

by: MiSS_CRiS
Not to long after Leah came strolling into my room.

Leah: "So you're home!" she said sitting next to me
Me: "Yeah!" stated
Leah: "Please don't do that again." she said
Me: "Don't worry, I don't think I will." I said

We talked for a while more about everything that's been going on while I was gone. But when she left I felt like there was something she was holding back.

It's been a little over a week since I've been home, everyday I sit in my room trying not to feel anything. Today was the day I told myself when I got up; I sat in the same postion for two hours trying to think of what I was going to do and I had still had no idea; guess I'll just have to wing it. I stood from my bed and walked out of the house. It was a short walk to Jakes so thats where I was going to stop first. As the house came into view butterflies were assutling my stomach.

''OMG Lex!'' I thought ''Get over it, it's just Jake!'' I sighed and walked up to the door and knocked; Rachel answered.

Me: "Rachel!" I said
Rachel: "Oh....Lex, Hi!" I said giving me a hug "Wow, I haven't seen you in years." she said
Me: "Yeah...what are you doing here?" I asked
Rachel: "I missed home!" she said with a shrug
Me: "Oh...is your brother here?" I asked
Rachel: "Um, no. He's at the Cullens...with...Bella." she said
Me: "I see!" I said regretting coming here
Rachel: "It's not like that, really!" she stated "It's complicated!" she said
Me: "It always is with you brother." I said with a shrug "I'm gonna go, see you around!" I said
Rachel: "Ok!" she said

I wandered around for a while not sure what to do with myself. I wound up at the beach just starring out at the water; watching the waves crash against the shore. I felt empty without him now, a feeling a hadn't had since I left. In some ways I wanted to go back to Shanes so I didn't have to feel this way.

I felt bad for the way I acted that day in the woods, but hey I'm only human and my emotions got the best of me. I had every right to act that way in my opinion. Jake was gone for ''two months'' and he just comes home expecting everything to be as it was. With a sigh I stood to leave and when I turned around Embry was standing there.

Me: "Hey!" I said
Embry: "You're back!" he stated
Me: "Yeah!" I said
Embry: "I saw you over at Jakes." he said
Me: "Rachel said he's at the Cullens...with Bella." I said
Embry: "I know!" he said "Why don't you go there and see him?" he asked
Me: "Yeah, I don't think so." I said
Embry: "He loves you!" he stated
Me: "Not exactly the subject I want to get into right now." I said
Embry: "I'm just letting you know." he said
Me: "I'm gonna head home, see you later." I said
Embry: "Yeah, sure!" he said

It was a slow walk home. All I could think about was him; he loved ''me'' but he was with ''her''. I knew he wasn't ''doing'' anything with her since she was married and all; plus he's at the Cullens. Maybe Embry was right and I should go and see him reguardless of where he was. As I reached my street I ran the rest of the way till I got to my house. I hopped in my car forgetting I didn't have my keys. I ran into the house and grabbed my keys and once I got back into my car I was speeding it to the Cullens. I had never been there before but I felt like I was being pulled in the right direction.

I pulled up to the house and was in awe; it was big and beautiful. I saw the front door open just as I closed my car door. I looked back up and Jake was standing on the porch starring at me in surprise. Before I could say anything or even move he bounded down the steps and made it to me in just a few strides. He starred down at me and grabbed my face in his hands crushing his lips to mine.

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