I Love You Jacob Black [girls only]

Chapter 10

part 10

by: MiSS_CRiS
Days passed and it was all still the same; Bella calling, Jake ignoring everyone and then theres me; Jakes poor little ''imprint''. Bellas wedding is this evening and Seth is going with his mom and Billy; guess he's the only one who can stand being around any of them.

Leah: "So...the weddings today!" she stated sitting on my bed
Me: "Your point being?" I asked
Leah: "Nothing! Just saying." she said "Are you going?" she asked
Me: "Why would I go to Bellas wedding?" I countered
Leah: "Cause you were invited!" she stated holding up my invitation
Me: "No, I'm not going." I said
Leah: "Me either!" she said
Me: "Like anyone would ask ''you'' if you were going." I said

The rest of the day went by quickly and I just lounged at home doing nothing at all. I laid in bed starring at the ceiling and got a weird feeling like something was going to happen. That's when Quil came rushing into my room.

Me: "Do any of you know how to knock?" I asked sittng up
Quil: "Jakes back!" he said
Me: "What!" I said jumping off the bed
Quil: "Yeah he's at the wedding!" he whispering the last word
Me: "What?" I asked confused "He's at ''Bellas'' wedding!" I stated
Quil: "Yeah, Paul and Sam are with him." he said
Me: "He's gone for ''weeks'' and decides to come back on ''her'' wedding day and the first thing he does is go to see ''her''." I said
Quil: "I'm sorry Lex, I just thought you should know that he's back." he said
Me: "I know, and thanks!" I said wiping the tear that began to fall off my cheeks

It was then that we heard a loud houl; there was so much pain in that sound. We looked at eachother and bolted out of the house. I followed Quil into the trees and I heard Jakes voice; he was shouting and everything that came out of his mouth were about Bella. There was a break in the trees and Quil stepped through first; Jake was still going on and on when I got to the clearing. More tears came as I realized all he cared about was her; he ran away because of her and now this.

Sam: "Jake that's enough!" he said looking over Jakes shoulder at me
Jake: "Why! Why would she pick ''him'', I could've given her so much more!...." he said frustrated; I tuned out everything else that came out of his mouth

I was speechless, I just stood there taking in everything he said; he still ''loved her''.

Sam: "Jake..." he said nodding toward me

He turned and looked at me.

Jake: "Lex..." he whispered and started toward me
Me: "Don't..." I said taking a shakey step back holding up my hands "You lied to me...everything you said was a ''lie''." I said trying my best not to breakdown right there
Jake: "Lex I...." he started
Me: "Just stop and admit it; you still love her!" I stated
Jake: "No..." he said
Me: "Yes you do!" I shouted "If you didn't you wouldn't have run away because of her. You wouldn't have ''left'' me!" I said
Jake: "You don't understand." he said
Me: "Oh, I understand alright. I'm always going to be second when it comes to her; I always have been." I said on the verge of a complete emotional breakdown.
Jake: "You are not second to her!" he stated closing the gap between us and grabbing a hold of my arms "I am sorry that I left you, I had too I didn't want you to see like that." he said
Me: "It wouldn't have been that way if you didn't love her." I said
Jake: "I. Don't. Love. Her." he said
Me: "Yes you do!" I cried "You said you could've given her so much more then him." I said
Jake: "Did you hear the end of that sentance?" he asked but didn't wait for an answer "I said I could've given her more then him; so could anyone else. You know how I get when I'm frustrated; I ramble." he said
Me: "I want to believe you, but I....can't" I said
Jake: "Then believe this!" he said and kissed me

I hated when he did that; it was like nothing else mattered.

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