I Love You Jacob Black [girls only]

Chapter 1

part 1

by: MiSS_CRiS
It was just another beautiful day in California when I woke this morning. I glanced around and sighed looking at the packed up boxes that were stacked around my almost empty room. In less then 2 weeks my father and I will be moving to La Push, Washington--the tiny reservation where he and my mother grew up. My dad has been talking about moving there to be closer to his brother Harry Clearwater ever since my mom died a few years back. I use to visit every summer up until 3 years ago--oh how I missed my family.

I was still in a bit of a daze my dad came rushing into my room.

Dad: "Pack up whatever clothes you have out, we need to go." he said
Me: "Whats going on?" I asked
Dad: "Your uncle Harry had a heart attack, we're catching the next flight out to Seattle." he said

I jumped off my bed and shoved all the clothes I hadn't packed into my suite case and got ready. The flight to Seattle was an agonizing one, I didn't know what to think.

My dad kept to himself and only said a few words the whole time. After we caught the little plane to Port Angeles we drove straight to the hospital. Before the car came to a stop I was out and running to the entrance, as soon as I made it through the doors I went straight to the waiting room and the first person I saw was Leah.

Me: "Leah!" I said running to her
Leah: "Lexie!" she cried out

She was barely out of her seat when I pulled her into a hug.

Me: "We got here as fast as we could, is he going to be alright?" I asked
Leah: "We don't know yet." she said in between sobs.

I sat between her and Seth holding their hands while my dad talked with Sue. As I looked around for the first time I noticed that there were a lot of people in the waiting room a few of the guys were shirt less. I thought it was kind of odd but didn't think much about it when the doctor walked in.

eah, Seth and I stood up as did everyone else, we didn't have to hear the words to know that he didn't make it because Sue just broke down crying. I didn't know how to respond to that, I just held on to Leah and Seth as they both cried for their dad.

Dad: "Why don't you take them home, I'm going to stay here with Sue and finish everything up." he said
Me: "OK! Come on guys lets go home." I told them

The ride back to La Push was a quiet ride other then the sounds of my cousins cries. I knew how they felt about loosing their dad but yet I had no idea what to say. When I pulled up to the house Leah ran straight inside Seth did the same. I grabbed the bags out of the trunk and place them in the empty room I used when I use to visit.

Over the next few days my dad helped Sue prep for the funeral and before I knew it the day had come. I rode with Seth and Leah while my dad drove Sue. As the services went on I sat next to Leah, keeping my eyes on our hands. Thats when I heard a boys voice.

Boy: ''Who is that? She's beautiful. Oh no, this can't be happening, not here.''

All I could think was why is this guy talking, does he even have a clue whats going on. When the service was over we said our last goodbyes and started the drive back to the house.

Leah: "Thanks!" she said as we pulled up to the house
Me: "For what?" I asked
Leah: "Being here." she replied
Me: "Leah, you know you can always count on me." I said

She just smiled and got out with Seth right behind her. I followed in after them and started getting ready for the little get together we were have in memory of Harry in a little bit. My dad and Sue came just as everyone else was pulling up to the house.

As the evening went on it seemed as if most of La Push was there paying their respects. I stood with my dad as he talked to everyone who came up to him, I wasn't paying much attention to who they all were until Billy Black came up in his wheel chair.

Billy: "I'm sorry about your brother, he was a good man." he said
Dad: "Thank you Billy. You remember my daughter Lexie." he said
Billy: "I do! It's good to see you." he said
Me: "You too Billy." I replied

As my father talked with Billy I looked up and saw the last person I ever wanted to see--Jacob Black. I tried to walk away when my dad grabbed my hand.

Dad: "Lexie, look it's Jacob." he said
Jake: "Hey Lexie!" he said
Me: "Hey!" I said without looking up.

Then I heard it again.

Boy: ''I can't believe it was her! I imprinted on Lexie!''

I thought I was starting to lose my mind, I need some air.

Me: "Excuse me." I said and walked out the back door.

I was standing out on the deck, leaning over the rail when I felt someone behind me.

Me: "Go away Jacob." I said
Jake: "How'd you know it was me?" he asked
Me: "You were never good at sneaking up on me." I replied not turning around
Jake: "Oh...." he said
Me: "Look can we not do this right now!" I said
Jake: "Do what? I just came out here to talk to you." he said
Me: "Well I really don't want to talk to you." I said

I turned to walk away but he was standing right in front of me. I felt his eyes on me but didn't meet his gaze.

Me: "Excuse me!" I said harshly

He moved aside to let me pass.

Jake: ''Why is she acting like she hates me?''
Me: "I don't hate you Jake." I said walked into the house.

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