Your Life with Nick Jonas!!!!!!!

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Chapter 34

CH 34

I woke up this morning expecting to find nick lying next to me but there was an empty space. i sat up and looked around. i got out of bed and walkd into the living room. nick was in the kitchen getting some water when he heard me walk in
"hey babe, when did u get up?"
"um like 15 mins ago?"
"y didnt u wake me up?"
"u need ur rest. uve been wroking alot lately and i didnt want to wake u"
"but ur also only here for a few days, and i want to spend as much time with u as possible" said looking at him with sad eyes
"im sorry baby."
"its ok"
he kissed my forehead
"nick, u wanna go for a walk?"
"sure lets go get dressed" we walked into my room and i went into my closet to change and nick changed in my room. i walked out and he was already dressed. i did my makeup really quickly and we grabbed 2 bottles of water and went outside and starteed our walk. nick grabbed my hand then said
"so whats up?"
"nothing i just wanted to go for a walk. so how has the music been going?"
"great! im excited for the tour. we just set the dates for south america in march"
"really? ive always wanted to go there! especialy rio!"
"we have a show there! if u can get off of work, i can fly u out and then u can come to the show!"
"that would be amazing" i kissed his cheek and saw him smile. we walked and talked for about an hour and then went back to my apartment. nick took a quick shower and i got a text from my friends
"hey girl! we're going ddancing tonight! i'll pick u up at 10"
"that would be great but i have company and i dont really know if they're in the mood for going out"
"is it nick?!? <3"
"well bring him girl! we wanna meet him!"
"i'll ask and let u know"
just then nick came out in just jeans. ;)
"hey babe?" he walked over to the couch and sat next to me.
"whats up?"
"my friends want to go out tonight and they invited us" he pulled me onto his lap and held me close.
"ur 'friends' huh?"
"yeah, we dont have to go if u dont want to"
"i dont know i kinda want to meet ur friends"
"only if ur gonna be nice to them"
"hey who ever said i wasnt a nice guy" he said as he kissed my cheek and then moved his way to my neck. i sighed and grabbed his hands
"so is that a yes?" i felt him smile into my neck and then say
"ok i'll text them" i texed my friend and told her we'd be ready at 10. i lifted nick chin up and kissed him and ran my hands through his hair as he played with my belt loops. we made out for awhile and then just lounged around all day. until it was time to get ready ( we got dressed and waited for my friends to get there. at about 10:15 there was a knock on my door. i opened it and my friend who i work with, cassandra but cassie for short, was at the door.
"hey girl! u look hot!"
"where's ur man?"
"he went to the restroom real quick"
as soon as i finished saying that i heard the faucet turn on and i excused myself and ran to the restroom and opened the door
"nick. theyre here. promise me you'll be nice to them" he dried his hands and then took my hands
"of course i will be nice to them"
"thank u" he kissed me then i grabbed his hand and led him to the living room
"nick this is cassie. cassie this is nick. she works with me at the salon"
"nice to meet u. yall ready? everyone is waiting outside" we both nodded yes and walked down to the car. nick didnt let go of my hand the entire time we were in the car. i introduced him to everyone and we all taked and laughed. when we got to the club, we sat at a table and immediatley nick took me to the dancefloor.
"wow, i didnt know u liked to dance that much"
"haha i dont but i wanted to ask u something?"
"ok r these the friends that think im gonna leave u?"
"ummm cassie and like one other dont but the rest do. y?"
"cause im gonna prove them wrong"
"what do u-? before i could finish my sentance nick kissed me passionately.
"wow nick!" he kinda laughed and said
"i know right" i playfully pushed him and he laughed and pulled me closer. after awhile we went back to the table and while we were there nick was continuously (sp?) complementing me, flirting with me, and was very PDA. now im not complaining but it was different. i kinda laughed at the thought but later on he also said he was doing that to ward off creepers at the club as well as prove himself to my friends. around 1ish, we all left and i fell asleep on nicks shoulder on the ride home. when we got there he shook me a little and said
"baby we're home" i woke up sleepy and thanked my friends for a great time. nick helped me out of the car and waved by to my friends as we walked inside the building and into the elevator. i wrapped my arms around his waist and layed my head on his chest. when the door opened i didnt want to move
"baby. carry me! please!"
"baby, did u drink?"
"no im just tired" he laughed a little then picked me up bridal style and carried me into my apartment and layed me down in bed and even took my shoes off for me! after a few minutes i felt his strong arms wrap around me and i fell to sleep immediatley knowing i was safe. ;)

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