Your Life with Nick Jonas!!!!!!!

Hey Guys!!!! now u can read all the stories at once!!! enjoy!!!

Chapter 2

Spending Time With Joe

the last thing you remember was your friend yelling your name"!" then.. Everything went black!! you woke up 30 minutes later (opening your eyes slowly) with joe putting a damp towel on your forehead and Mr. & Mrs. Jonas standing over you, and frankie. you didnt know what to say because you were in such a state of shock! this was like a dream come true! joe picked you up and took you to his dressing room! he explained what hed happened " well, after you fell you hit your head really hard on the concrete and you got knocked out. then i made sure you were ok till you woke up." "thanks alot! by the way my name is " you told him "i really apreciate it. how can i thank you?" joe answered "by spanding tomorrow with me" "great" you two exchanged phone numbers and talked a few more minuted till joe was called to go. "ill text you later" joe said "bye" "bye" then big rob escorted you to your seat. you told everything that happened and she said " wow _ thats amazing! youre so lucky"
then you and _ enjoyed the concert and danced and sang to every song the jonas brothers played! then you spent the night at 's house and when you woke up ypu realized that what had happened wasnt a dream and you saw that joe had texted you saying he would pick you up at 11. it was 10:17!! you told him where to pick you up and got ready!!! when he got there, you two explored the entire town doing things!! then he took you home and he said "i had a great time and im glad were getting to be great friends." "i had a great time too" "We have one more show in NJ and then ill come back and visit you" you said "great cant wait" then you two said goodbye and he left.

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