Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 3

soo here's part 3 comments really appreciated!!! :) ohh and if you hadnt read the prologue and you want a character description on what adriana looks like than you should read it... and the first 2 chapters if you havent read those..

Chapter 1

a night with Malfoy

by: kinewnew
“What am I doing in your room, smith?” malfoy asked. “A simple thank you for healing my eye would have been nice, but if you must know I saw you downstairs with a black eye. So I decided to help you out.” I said getting annoyed. “You actually considered helping me” he said smirking his Malfoy smirk. Getting frustrated “yes I did, can’t you just accept my thoughtfulness. I could have left you down there and let that thing get worse.” I said it started to get hot in there. “Okay, smith thank you for helping me.” He said. “But why am I in your room?” he asked. “Well you were too heavy to drag to yours.” I replied. “But you had enough strength to carry me on your bed.” He said raising his eyebrows. “No, get over yourself. I had the help from my little friend Ginger.” I said. He got a disgusted expression on his face. “You let that dirty thing touch me” he said anger spewing. I gave him a disapproving look. “Look malfoy I’m not in the mood to argue with or get slap. So I’ll just drop it.” I said calming down. “Look smith I said I was sorry, for that okay!” malfoy said. “Just because you said it doesn’t mean I’m going to automatically forgive you.” I said, now I was starting to get mad. “How do I know you’re not just doing to do it again, malfoy your not what people would consider mild tempered. I can see where you get it from the.” I continued motioning to his blackening eye. “Why did your father do that to you anyway?” I asked in a calmer voice. He gave me an appraising look. “Well he doesn’t like when I speak to him in a tone higher than his own. Or when I question him, or when I don’t do what I am told at that exact moment I am told to do it.” He said. “Oh well then why did you yell at him.” I asked, hoping I wasn’t sounding too pushy. “Because I’m tired of him asking me about my future, when he already knows what is to come.” He said. “And just what would that be exactly.” I asked, hoping I wasn’t pushing my luck again. He was silent for a long time before finally replying “I ... I can’t.” “Oh, um okay I get it.” I said kind of disappointed. “Are you sure, this stuff you want to know is much graver than you can imagine.” He said urgently. “Malfoy, I understand, okay.” I said reassuringly. I looked down and realized I was still wearing my dress. I got out of bed. “Where are you going?” Malfoy asked. “I have to change into pajamas,” I said walking to the closet. “Well in that case, I better go to my room.” I heard him say from a distance. I like it when Malfoy was different. Actually nice. “No you can stay here for the night.” I said urgently. “Wow, Smith, you planning something to make me feel better.” He said smirking. “On the second thought maybe you should leave. “ I said getting annoyed by his seducing tactics. ‘oh no, Smith you already said I could stay, so I’m going to.” He said getting up and started taking off his suit, when he started unbuttoning his shirt I stopped him. “Whoa, what do you think?” I asked him half amused, half disgusted. “Well you didn’t expect me to sleep in my suit did you? And seeing to as I have no pajamas in here, I’ll sleep in my underwear. Which I think you should do to,” he said winking. I was quiet for a long time before coming up with my decision, “okay, Malfoy you can sleep in your underwear. But you have to be on the far side of the bed,” I told him. He just grunted and nodded and continued to disrobe. As he continued to take his shirt off, after he would get down with one button I was in heaven. When he managed to get his full shirt off I could barely control my breathing. I might hate him, but his quidditch body, was way too much for me to take in. “like what you see, Smith” he asked amused. I rolled my eyes and I changed into a tee shirt and pajama pants. I didn’t trust him enough to wear what I would normally wear. I jumped on the opposite end of the bed and turned the lights out. “You know smith, it was actually good talking to you. You’re actually not a pain.” He said. “Same here Malfoy.” I replied. Then it was silent and a fell asleep into a deep dream.
The sound of birds chirping and the morning sun woke me up. i had a good night last night. I was about to get up when I realized there was an arm over my waist holding me down, accompanied by snores… Malfoy. How did he manage to get his arm over me? I deal with him when he wakes up. My first day with the Malfoys has been better than I thought it would be surprisingly And leaving us both in this position I went back to sleep.

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