Me, Daddy, and Draco

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Chapter 1

Background Information

by: arrynoel
Name: Meghan Riddle
Age: 11
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5'4"
Skin tone: very fair

Past: I know nothing of my mother. All iI have to go off of is a single picture of my mom and dad together when they were at Hogwarts. Dad sends gifts every birthday and Christmas, through his stupid his stupid lackey Professor Quirell. I mean I know why dad picked him, he has the back bone of a gold fish, and yet he is dumb as a post.

Present: Anyway today I'm getting on the train to Hogwarts. My daddy's servants already bought me all of my school stuff, so now i am just waiting to find out which f daddy's friends/followers are showing me to the platform, since my daddy can't do it. :(
My servant Maria left me by the door and told me to wait for the man who would show me to the platform. I had been standing around for about 10 minutes before this very tall man with very very blonde hair was standing there in front of me with an awesome snake head cane, that he didn't need to use. i also caught sight of another blonde head popping up behind the tall man.
"My lady, I am Lucius Malfoy. I am here to show you, and my son Draco to the platform."
"Okay," I said rudely, "Well let's get on with it then."
"Your just like your father. I am very happy and proud to have been selected."
"Whatever. So, are we gonna head to the platform or what? The train leaves in like 30 minutes and I'd like a decent seat."
"Well let's go then Miss."
So Mr. Malfoy started walking and I waited until Draco caught up before i started walking towards the platform.
"Why does he call you 'Miss' or 'My Lady'?" Draco asked.
"He calls me that because my daddy is his boss. So he has to treat me like a princess or I will turn him in to daddy." I answered proudly.
"Oh, well i think we can be friends then. Oh, and don't be surprised if we see that stupid Harry Potter on the train," he said sneering the name.
"Why would he be on the train?"
"Because he goes here to."
"Ugh, well at least i get to see him cringe from his scar searing in pain every time I walk by." i said smiling at that last part.
"You really are your father's daughter." he said looking a little nervous at the end of his statement.
"Why do you look like your about to pass out?"
"Well cause i feel like it would be awkward to ask you to be my friend." he said quietly.
"Oh, I thought we already were friends. I figured it would go without saying." I said.
"Oh, alright well there's the train. Lets get on and go find an empty compartment for us to sit in a talk, or get to know each other." he said simply.
"i don't know if i have enough answers to fill a long train ride time slot." i said disappointedly.
"Well if worse comes to worse then we will talk about me and my past."
"Okay lets go!!"

At Hogwarts: Draco and i spent the whole train ride asking each other questions. Now we were standing in the Great Hall waiting to be sorted. i was called up second, following some weird nobody who obviously didn't matter. The sorting hat didn't even touch my hair before crying out "SLYTHERIN" the whole slytherin house broke out in cheers, and they didn't even know who I was yet. I knew that everyone in my house would be very happy to find that the dark lords daughter was in their house. And with Snape as the professor of this house I knew I was going to do very well here at Hogwarts.

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