One Less Lonely Girl [justin bieber love story]

One Less Lonely Girl [justin bieber love story]

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name= Amber Smith age= 13 (beggining) 16 (rest of story)
you live in a small town on the wisconsin border, in illinois. its close to a beach on a small lake and is home to only about 5,000 people

sorry if i took anyones ideas or kinda coppied someone elses story. i never meant to and if its bothering you i will delete the chapeter that sounds like yours. just message me.


Chapter 1

before the video (pic is you)

"Justin stop!!" I yelled inbetween bursts of laughter. "Hey! It's your fault!" he said back. He had me pinned on the floor in front of the T.V.I had went to go to the bathroom and when I came back he was sound asleep on the couch. I took the remote and changed the channel, almost instantly he was on top, tickling me just about to death. Bringing us back to the laughter. "Please, we can switch it back! Just, I beg of you, stop!" I said tyring not to laugh. I couldnt even look at him cuz I was laughing so much. "Alright. Only because I love you" he said, standing up and thrusting out his hand. I grabbed it and pulled myself up, pulling him down in the process. Before he could react I was on top, only about an inch from is face. "Gotcha" I said, leaning down and pecking him on the check. "You know you missed by a little there" he said laughing. I got off and helped pull him up. "It's not like I was aiming" I replied, laughing with him. I went and sat back down on the couch, taking the remote and turning the channel back to whatever it had been on. 'He had said that he loved me'. I thought to myself. Well of course he would say that, im like his sister. It probably isnt the way I wish it was. I sighed, not meaning to, and he looked at me curiously. "Everything ok?" he asked. "Yeah, im fine." i said turning away frrom his face. He reached over with his hand and genetly (sp?) pulled my eyes back to his. "No your not. I can see it in your eyes" he said, looking straight into my bright green eyes. He knows me to well. "It's nothing you have to worry about" I answered quietly, genetly (sp?) removing his hand from my face, but keeping it grasped in my hand. He stared into my eyes, like he could see into my soul. I looked away and dropped his hand. "We should probably go study" i said, standing up and turing the T.V off. i walked towards the stairs and looked back. "You comin'?" I asked flirtasiously (sp?). He smiled and got up, walking over to me. I took the stairs 2 at a time and messed with the clasp on my necklace, trying to get it off so I could get the key. Sometimes you had to go tp extremes when it came to having brothers like Connor and Steele. "Here, let me help you with that" Justin said, coming up behind me and removing the necklace for me. "Thanks" I said simply, placing the key in the door and twisting the knob. We walked into my dark, blue room and went to go sit on the bed, pulling my science notebook and textbook out of my school bag. He hesitated in the doorway, looking around as if he had never been in my room, although we've been friends for longer than I can remember. I tapped the spot on the bed right next to me. "Is something wrong?" I asked, when he moved catiously over to the bed, and sat himself. "No, sorry. Just taking a mind picture so I could remember this place." he said, looking down and messing with his thumbs, like he always did when he was nervous. "just tell me Justin. I promise I wont be mad. It cant possibly be that bad" I said taking his face in my hands. "Amber, I love you, so much" he said, remving my hands and holding them in his. "And i would never want to hurt you" he continued. "But, I was called last week from a producer in LA. He saw that video we posted of me singing. He wants me to go live down there for a while and do a CD. He says that everyone would love me." he paused, taking in my reaction, the only thing he was finding though was pain. "I'm so sorry. I'm gonna miss you so much and just remember that when i leave. You hear me?" he asked looking into my eyes. "Your just gonna leave me?" I asked, stunned "I love you so much, and I swear that if I thought I wouldnt have a chance, then I wouldnt have gone for it" I looked away, pulling my hands away from his, and folding the in my lap. "When are you leaving?" I asked calmly, trying to keep a straight face. "Three days" he said softly. That broke my trance. "What?!" I yelled in his face. "You've know for a freaking week and you told me when you had 3 freaking days left!? I cant believe you would do something like that!!" I screamed at him, jumping off the bed and throwing my hands up in the air. "Amber I'-" "Dont even start" I said, the tears already leaking down my face.

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