Tokio hotel love story

this is mainly about Tom and of course it takes place in LA were rom and bill LIVE NOW. Please comment it always inspires me to write more no matter how bad my grammar's the creativity that counts ;)

Chapter 1

New beginnings

by: Jenniae
h jessy! I need ur help!"
"with what hon?" I asked. Katy was my younger sister, 11 years old. I was 17 and we were both completely different people yet looked so much alike. She was packing up her things in her room because we were moving to LA. it was all of Darren, my bothers doing. He was big on music especially hip hop and he was very talented at it to.   That's why he got a record deal with some dude named scooter. Honestly that's a stupid name but apparently he's famous for working for other famous artist. Darren has been talking about it 24-7  and keeps sayin "im Gunna go Big time just Trust me, scooter knows what he's doin"
So any way back to what I was doing. "jessy chan can u get my books on that top shelf I cant reach them"
"sure no problem." jessy chan is my nickname Katy gave me. She said it's from some anime show I can't remember....rorin host club, high school.....whatever I think it's cute anyways.
I grabbed all the "comic books" I call them but she's always saying "there mangas jessy chan, there better then stupid comic books"
So anyway, my little sister likes anime, my older brother likes hip hop, me? I'm just a free thinker that has to many hobbies on my hands. I sing, dance, ride horses, I even do a little Art and play piano. By the way my real name is jessenica aldolwolfe and I'm a huge fan of goth and hard rock/metal music. I guess u would say I'm on the dark side but truly I can't do a single rebellious thing. 
"thanks jessy chan"
"no problem katy" I spoke softly. As soon as I was about to walk out Darren called me "Yo Jess the moving truck is here"
"ok I'll be down in a second!"
Darren was 19. Mom and dad died just last year in a car accident. So Darren sort of took Katy in I in song with his fiance Taylor. We've been spending two weeks packing up are things. I guess ppl felt sympathy for Darren especially that scooter dude. It doesn't matter his dream is coming true. He's never had any back up plans, it was always "i will always and only live for music" except now he just adds "and my baby"
So thing is I'm excited about going to las Angeles. Even though ill be leaving some of the most amazing people here in Wylie Texas I'm going to be living out a dream life. Touring the world with my brother, formally meeting celebrities and washing my face in a thousand dollar face wash bottle. Maybe that zit that keeps popping up on my chin will stay away for good. 
I hoped in the car to head to the airport. Darren was driving as me and Taylor waved goodbye to the house with Katy. Before I new it we were at the place seemed bright and happy, not my normal liking but I guess it will do.

The New House was exactly what I expected it to be: big, over priced, and right along the coast. "damn" I mumbled as we all took a step out of the car. Darren patted me back so hard it nearly mocked me down. "what do u thing, ain't it a view?"
"yeah, if you were crazy enough to think that" I folded my arms, maybe it wasn't going to be so great here. I mean, the sea water smelled like heck, the landscape was way to fake looking and when I walked in the house it didn't even feel like a home. It felt empty and not just cause there were no furniture but because a family of 5 didn't need this much space if they wanted to be close. So many ways to escape, well that's one thing good. But still this house seemed too perfect that it made it seem imperfect. "what's wrong you not like it?" Taylor asked.
"'s great I love it"
"good, I know Darren sure does."
Darren was searching around the house like Katy, snooping into every room, fighting for the better room, and yelling out the amazing things he's discovered. I just stood the and complimented it's disastrous Designs.
"JESSY CHAN!" it was Katy yelling from upstairs "COME LOOK!"
I ran the steps As fast as I could. "what is it Katy?"
She pointed her finger out the window in a bedroom the size of the old house. "look."
I peeked out and saw a pier with a ferric wheel and people walking along "oh jessy chan can we go please!"
"yes but we have to get our stuff unpacked"
"but jessy chan that's gunna take FOREVER."
"oh fine I'll take you. But only for a snow cone and a few games, that's it"


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