Struck By Your Spell ~A Muggle Trapped In The Wizard World~

well I was reading Harry Potter and was suddenly inspired! Tell me what ya think :)

Chapter 33

~How It All Ended~

Barty chuckles as I gasp and step backwards, away from my captor. "Yes, I kidnapped your friend, added his hair to my readily made Polyjuice Potion and used that disguise to get to you three. I just sat and waited by the stream. I knew you would come."
I glance over at Ron. "Give him back."
"Or what?" Barty sneers. "You think it's that easy?" I feel my wand in my pocket, wondering what the chances are that I could cast a spell. Probably not very good. "You're nothing more than an experiment. And a failed one at that. Now let's get back to why you're here."
Crouch pulls out his wand and sends chains towards Ron's limp form. They bind him to the wall closest to me. Barty flicks his wand and Ron stirs, letting loose a groan. "I'm interested," Barty continues, ignoring Ron, "in how filth like yourself came to be in possession of magic, no matter how feeble. I know Dumbledore has something to do with this. He always does, doesn't he?"
"Danielle?" I hear Ron whisper feebly. I glance over and see his eyes are open and he's looking at me in horror. "Danielle! Go! He's...."
"Shut up!" Bartemius Crouch yells. He aims a curse at my friend. I watch in horror as Ron bursts into flames. He screams and wriths in pain.
I recognize the fire from one of my spell books Hermione got me. It's enchanted fire used in torture to make the victim feels as if they're burning alive when they're really not being harmed at all. But that's no comfort to Ron.
"An amazing little trick, don't you think?" Barty asks with a demented grin. He studies Ron's burning body for a moment before looking back at me. "Now this boy here has already sealed his fate. But yours is still undecided. Share your secrets with me Danielle, and I will not kill you."
"No! Let Ron go!" I demand, trying to sound much braver than I feel.
"No one is here to save your friend. And no one can save you either!" Barty shouts. I'm dreading what I know will come next. "Crucio!"
It's worse than how I dreamed of it. The pain overtakes me quickly and I thrash and scream. The torture is unbearable and I'm relieved when it subsides a few minutes later.
I hear a chuckle and attempt to sit up. "You sad, sad muggle. Just tell me about Dumbledore's plans. Your friend can't be saved but you still can. I need you. You MUST tell me."
"No!" I cry. But it's in a feeble, weak voice. I know I don't sound too intimidating right now.
I feel the pain hit me again. Hot tears run down my face and the screams are gone, replaced by whimpers of exhaustion and defeat. "Tell me!" Crouch screams over Ron's groans and my own noises of pain.
"Crouch?" a voice I don't recognize calls.
"I'm busy!" Barty shouts.
"Sir you're needed. They think they've gotten the boy and his friend surrounded out there. They need the go ahead sir."
The pain is removed and is replaced by chains entwining my body and latching me to the wall, next to Ron. He's no longer on fire and has a glassy, defeated look in his eye.
Barty comes up and gets in my face. "Don't worry," he whispers, "our conversation isn't over yet."
I try to pull my face away but I'm against the wall. His breath is rancid and I gag. Barty laughs manically and walks out of the room, leaving Ron and I to hang on the wall and dread his return.
"Ron?" I whisper.
"What?" he says, sounding as though he's choking.
I feel tears rise up, "What did he do to you?"
".... stuff." A few tears escape my eyes and run down my face. Ron sees them and grimaces. "Hey. Don't do that. We'll...... we'll be okay."
"You're such a liar," I say, putting a thin smile on my face.
Ron shakes his head, "No. We will be. We've got each other right?"
"But Harry and Hermione.... that guy that came in said they had them surrounded!"
Ron looks worried. "They'll be okay," he lies. "They're tough."
I shake my head and try to wiggle out of my chains. No use. "Ron you know that isn't true."
"So what? You're giving up?" he asks.
"No. I'm just not trying to act like it's impossible that we might die! Ron, that guy is crazy!"
"He just set me on fire Danielle. I'm well aware that he's not right in the head," Ron tells me.
We stay silent for a while. I hear a rattle of chains and see Ron trying to break loose. But he stops after a while and I can tell he's just as discouraged as I am.
"Do you have your wand?" he asks me. I nod. "Well use it then!" he yells.
"Ron! Be quiet! He'll hear us!" I say, looking towards the doors and praying they'll all stay shut.
"Danielle you're a witch! Use what you have and get us out of these chains!" Ron urges.
"I..... I can't," I wail, starting to cry again.
"Yes you can! Remember when you saved me from falling off that broom? Or when you summoned that vase that almost killed you? Or....."
"Yeah little stuff. Nothing that can save everyone and stop Barty Crouch Jr. And even the little stuff doesn't work most of the time! He's right, I'm just some failed experiment Dumbledore was playing around with."
"Well if you think that then we really are going to all be dead," Ron mutters.
I look over at him and see him hanging his head dejectedly. I fight back my tears and try to find another way out. "What about your wand?" I ask him hopefully.
"You seriously think he let me keep it?" Ron asks angirly.
"Well he let me keep mine!"
"Because he doesn't see you as a threat!"
"Oh wow thanks that really helps boost me self confidence!" I shoot back. What are we doing? Why are we fighting when we might die in a few minutes? "Sorry," I mumble.
"Yeah whatever," Ron mutters back. But I know my apology is accepted. For now at least.
I hear shouts from outside the door and prepare myself for the worst. This might be the last few moments of my life. "Ron?"
He sighs. "What?"
"Do you really think he'll kill us?"
"How should I know Danielle? He sure isn't going to give us party favors and offer us a ride back home."
More yells, louder this time. "Grab him!" someone calls.
"Looks like Harry's here," Ron says, but he doesn't sound too enthusiastic.
This isn't good, I think. If some of us have to die fine, but why does it have to be all of us? The door bursts open and Harry runs inside, shooting curses out the door.
"Nice of you to join us," Ron says. "Think you can get us down?"
"I'll try," Harry says, shutting the door. Like that will keep them out. "Relashio!" The chains retract and Ron and I fall to the ground. I sit up and rub the arm I landed on. "Thanks. Now let's move," Ron says. "Harry you're the only one with a wand that can do anything so you go first."
"What do you mean?"
"They took mine."
"Oh." He doesn't bother asking me if I still have mine. It's not like I can do anything anyways.
"Where's Hermione?" I ask worriedly.
Harry shakes his head, "We got seperated when they brought us here. Don't worry. We'll find her." He walks up to the door and reaches for the handle. It won't open. "Alhomora," Harry says, pointing his wand at the knob. It still doesn't turn.
"Try another door," Ron suggests. He tries them all.
"I tried it too when I first got here," I say. "It didn't work for me either." So maybe my magic HAD been working then.
"They doors must be enchanted," Harry says.
Ron shakes his head and curses. "What?" I ask.
He looks over at me, "That means we'll have to wait until someone from the outside opens it."
I grimace and add, "Someone like Barty Crouch."

Harry paces the wall, muttering spells under his breath. No matter what we try the exits won't budge. We're trapped in this bare stone room until Barty or one of his men decide otherwise.
A door on the far end of the room opens and we rush towards it. Barty Crouch and three other wizards walk in, their wands pointed at us menacingly. One of them pulls Hermione in by the arm and shoves her into the room. She falls to the floor with a cry and catches herself with her hands before her head hits the hard floor. Harry rushes over and helps her up and she hugs him. "I was so worried they'd killed you," she tells all of us.
"Not yet," Barty says, walking closer. "But let's get that started now, shall we?"
Ron and Harry step towards him menacingly. "You won't touch them," Ron says, pointing to me and Hermione.
"We won't touch any of you. If that girl will tell us how she can use magic."
"Don't do it Danielle!" Harry tells me and I nod. He wouldn't actually KILL us, would he?
Oh who am I kidding this guy killed his dad and turned him into a bone! He set Ron on fire! Of course he'll kill us!
"Fine then. You first, ginger." Barty pulls Ron kicking and fighting away from all of us.
"No! Please!" I scream, running towards them. One of the other wizards pulls me back as I sob. "Let him go!"
Ron looks back at me, not crying or shouting. He's accepted it. He's going to be noble. And he wants me to be like that too. Well too bad.
"Let him go! Don't kill him!" I yell. "I'll...... I'll tell you!"
That breaks Ron's coolness. "No you won't!" he yells back at me.
"I will! Just please! Please, let him go," I say.
Barty turns his head to the side and looks at me. "I'm listening. Tell me. And then I'll let you go."
"He's lying!" Ron yells at me.
Harry shouts, "He'll still kill us Danielle. Just stop!"
"Dumbledore," I start, ignoring them. "Dumbledore told me..." Tears run down my face. I can't believe I'm about to betray him. But I have to. I have to save Ron and Harry and Hermione. "He told me that I can use magic if I love. If I believe and love then I can use magic. Anyone can."
Barty laughs hysterically, letting go of Ron in the process. Ron bolts towards us and Crouch stops laughing suddenly. "Wait! Petrificus Totallus!" Ron freezes. Barty chuckles again. "You expect me to belive that the answer to muggles possessing magical powers is to believe and love?"
"It's true!" I yell. He has to believe me! If he doesn't then no one is saved.
Barty shakes his head and turns to his henchmen. "Tie them up. I'll dispose of them all at once. How should we? Killing curse? Fire? Those weapons muggles use to kill one another?"
"I told you the truth! Let us go!"
"I know it's the truth. I can see it in your face," Barty tells me. I feel a surge of hope.
"So you'll let us go?"
He shakes his head, "Don't be silly. You think I can afford to let you four go after all of this?"
I fight against the wizards tying us up, hoping to get my hands on Crouch. Hoping to destroy him. He laughs and walks away. "I'll be back in a moment."
The men follow Barty out of the room and I turn to my friends. "It's all my fault. I shouldn't have said anything."
"He would have killed us anyways," Hermione says, trying to make light of the situation. "So no, it's not your fault."
"Danielle your rope looks loose. See if you can wiggle out," Harry says. I try and with some difficulty get free.
I pull out my wand. "Um, relashio." The ropes stay taut on everyone else. "Come on!" I yell in frustration. "Relashio! Relashio!"
"Just go Danielle!" Ron yells. "Leave us here!"
"No! Relashio!" I can't leave them behind.
Barty bursts through the door and I shrink back. What is he going to do to us? "Get against the wall!" he demands, pointing his wand at me. I back up, afraid and powerless. I can't save them. I can't do anything. "Grab ginger," Barty orders the silent wizards. They pull Ron over to him and he smiles down at him.
My mind is whirring. What can I do? How did I do magic all those other times? How did I stun Ron and save him?
Then, finally then. It clicks.
I love him.
I've always loved him.
I smile to myself and walk towards Barty, unafraid and unconcerned. "Get back you filth!" Barty yells, pushing me back.
"Let him go Crouch. Before I make you!" I shout.
The wizards pull me away and Crouch points his wand at Ron, a crazy gleam in his eye. "Danielle! Quit it! You're just making it worse!" Ron yells at me.
But I'm not. I can save him. I will save him. I love. I love more than anyone else. I love Harry, but not the way I thought. I love Hermione even though she's far too demanding. And I love Ron, more than I ever thought.
Barty raises his wand dramatically and points it straight at Ron's forehead. I struggle and break free from the wizards holding me. Crouch is oblivious, "Avada..."
"Expelliarmus!" I shout. Barty's wand flies from his hand. "Stupefy!" the wizard falls to the ground. I turn in time to see his henchmen coming towards me, wands raised. "Stupefy! Stupefy! Stupefy!" They all fall. I smile to myself and turn to Ron, Harry and Hermione. "Relashio." The ropes fall and they all run to me.
"Danielle! You did it!" Harry shouts, hugging me tight.
Hermione pulls me from his grasp. "I'm so proud of you," she cries.
I break from her hug and look at Ron, who's standing the furthest away. "Nice," he says with a smile. I run to him and hug him tight. He wraps his arms around me and laughs. "How'd you do it?"
"I love you. That's how," I answer, looking up at him.
A flash of surprise crosses his face. "What?"
"I love you Ron. I love you more than anything. You give me my magic."
"I love you too," Ron says with a huge grin. He leans down and kisses me. Sparks fly and I laugh.
"What?" Ron asks, cocking his head to the side. "You aren't kidding are you?"
"Of course not," I say, kissing him again.
I'm finally safe and I'm with the guy I love. Sure we'll have problems. We still have to take Crouch to Azkaban. We fight constantly.
But I'm not worried about any of that. Ron kisses me again and I smile.
I love him.
And that's magic enough for me.

The End

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