Struck By Your Spell ~A Muggle Trapped In The Wizard World~

well I was reading Harry Potter and was suddenly inspired! Tell me what ya think :)

Chapter 2

~At The Ministry~

I felt like I was being smothered. The compression in my chest lifted after only a second though before my surroundings reappeared. I was still clutching my bag and the man had his hand on my arm.
"You may let go now," I tell him, shoving him off. "So did I just disapparate? Because if so I believe congratulations are in order. I hear most people faint or throw up after the first time."
"this is much worse than I thought," the man I refer to as Percy mumbles. "Kingsley won't like this one bit."
He walks towards an old phone booth and I guess I'm expected to follow.
Once we are both in the booth, the man presses a few numbers and a womans voice comes on, apparently wanting to know who we are. the man answers, "This is Percy Weasley bringing-"
"Danielle Harris," I fill him in.
"Danielle Harris in as a... Visitor."
"Visitor," the same recorded voice says, "please attach this label to your robes," a label instantly popped up. I stuck it on the front of my shirt and listened as it said to subject my wand for registration at the security desk.
"But I dont have a wand," I whispered to the person that I had now accepted as Percy Weasley.
"We'll deal with that problem when it arises." Percy tells me with a slight frown.
"So why are we at the Ministry of Magic?" I ask him. Percy doesn't answer, he just steps out of the elevator and I follow him close behind. "Is Kingsley the Minister now? You mentioned him earlier. What about your dad? Does he still work here?"
Percy glares at me. "I suppose next you'll be asking if He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is dead."
"Well actually yes," I said with a small smile. "I was."
"Since last year," Percy answers. "And the answer to your other two questions is yes as well."
"But why are we here?!" Again I'm ignored as we near the security desk containing a few bored looking wizards.
He holds his hand out for my wand. "Um, I haven't got one," I say sheepishly.
The man raises his eyebrows and looks at Percy. "I suppose I'll have to alert the minister," the man says in an annoyed tone. He writes something on a piece of paper and throws it in the air. It folds itself into a paper airplane and zooms off. I watch with rapt interest before turning back to Percy. He has his stick, er WAND I guess, out again and he's pointing it at me. "Obliviate," he says again. And again, nothing.
"Strange isn't it? I'm supposed to forget but I still remember. Perhaps you need a new wand," I tell him.
He merely glares at me before looking up. An airplane has made it's way over to us. The security man reads it before mumbling, "He says go on up."
Percy nods before walking off, I'm stuck following him again. We get into another elevator in a stony silence. Percy seems worried about something. Whatever. Let him worry. He's not a muggle trapped in the Ministry of Magic.
"Come in," a deep voice says as Percy raps on the door.
"Sir!" Percy says hurriedly, "look." He points his wand at me again. But I don't pay attention to him, I'm too busy looking at the office and the man sitting in the huge chair before me.
"Hi Kingsley, er Minister sir," I say as Percy tries to obliviate me.
"Would you stop it!" I yell at him. "We already know it doesn't work!"
Percy ignores me and turns to the Minister. "Well sir?"
"It's amazing," he says. "How are you producing a shield charm without a wand?" he asks me.
"I'm not. I'm... I'm a muggle sir," I tell him.
"For the most part I would say yes. But you must have some witch properties is your body can fully protect you from an obliviation spell."
"I suppose," I say relunctantly. This is too unreal. I glance around and then back at Kingsley. "Why sir?"
"Well I suppose we'll have to subject you to some witch teachings, try to get that magic out of you."
"Are you saying you want me to be a... a witch?"
"That would be the goal yes?" Kingsley says to me before turning to Percy. "Bring me Potter and your brother Percy. She'll be needing protection. And then call in to the Leaky Cauldron. Let them know they should save her a room. We'll pay for it of course," he says, looking back at me.
Percy leaves so it's just me and the Minister. "You're quite alright with this," he says.
It's not said as a question, but a statement. I still feel the need to nod my head though.
"That's good," he says, twiddling his wand, "quite good. Ah, you're here," he looks up as the door opens. I glance up too and nearly faint. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley walk into the room.
"You need us Kingsley?" Ron asks. I drink in his voice. This is amazing.
I glance Harry's way and notice his scar immediately. He looks at me before turning his attention back to Kingsley. "-a wand and things you know," he was saying. "I'll look to getting her a proper teacher."
"Who?" I ask.
"We'll see. It might be a bit hard at the moment to find one considering..."
"Considering what?" I ask.
Ron looks annoyed, "Never you mind," he growls.
"Ron," Harry says patiently. Wow. He talks.
"Well she's not going to just march in here and nose around," Ron complains.
"Well excuse me! It's not MY fault your brother abducted me!" I speak up.
"Enough," Harry says. "Let's go."
"Where?" I ask.
Ron rolls his eyes but Harry glances over and says, "To Diagon Alley."

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