Struck By Your Spell ~A Muggle Trapped In The Wizard World~

well I was reading Harry Potter and was suddenly inspired! Tell me what ya think :)

Chapter 1


Finally! England! I smile and step out of the airport, my grin grows as the sun appears from behind some clouds and warms my face. Going here with my church group for the summer vacation was the best idea I've ever had. I was so excited I booked tickets two weeks earlier than everyone else so I could get a head start. My number one goal? Find Hogwarts. Just kidding, that's just in the books, but how awesome would that be?
I've been obsessed with the HP series ever since I read the first book. I can name every member of the Weasley family, know what all of the horcruxes were, in order of being created and destroyed, and I'm a proud owner of my own wand. Haha. Obsession :)
I sling my backpack over my shoulder and drag my wheely suitcase behind me as I start down the sidewalk. I bump into a young man who's wearing a long black cloak and glasses. "Sorry, but I was wondering if you could point me to Platform 9 3/4?" I ask with a grin. He's obviously an HP fanatic, what with the way he's dressed.
"I'm much too busy to be answering irrelevant questions at this time," he says, starting to walk away.
"okay then Percy, gosh," I say with a scowl. What a pompous little... "what?" He turns around. "What did you call me?"
"Percy? As in Weasley?" I say again. Now that I'm looking clearly at his face, I frown. He... he looks like Percy.
"How do you know me?" he whispers, before grabbing my arm and pulling me into an alleyway and pulling out a stick. He pointed it in my face and said, "Obliviate."
Nothing happened. Ok, this guy is more obsessed than me! "Um, was that supposed to make me forget about you?" I ask him.
"You need to come with me," he says, tucking away the stick with a worried expression.
"Um, no?!" I don't even know this guy! And he's like, at least six years older than me!
He looks at me seriously and says, "I'm afraid you won't have a choice." Before I could run he grabbed my arm, twisted around, and everything was black.

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