Fresh Start

Wesley Mikaelson, starting over.

Chapter 1

Wesley Sierra Mikaelson

Birth Name: Wesley Sierra Mikaelson

Chosen Name: Wesley Mikaelson

Nickname(s): Wes (Mostly her siblings) and Mon Belle (Nathaniel)

Petname: Baby

Alias: Sierra Saltzman I don't like Mikael so I don't want to use Mikaels... way I see it it's bad enough his name is in my last name already

Gender: Female

Species: Original Vampire

Age: 29 (1000+)

Birthday: December 25th

Birthplace: Mystic Falls, Virginia 

Current Residence: Venice, Los Angeles

Vacation Home: Covington, Louisiana

Status: Alive

Martial Status: Married

Appearance: Usually wears casual clothing and boots and/or flats if she can help it but will put on a dress, make up and heels for special occasions (ex: here )

Personality: She was originally just a nice quiet girl but over time has developed into a complex being who doesn't like conflict but will fight for what she believes in no matter against who

Heaven Or Hell: Heaven

Strength: She'll always fight for what she believes in

Weakness: Her family (they turn against each other and pick sides so much it's draining)

Title: Lady Wesley Mikaelson

Reputation: Peaceful Fighter

Description: Middle Mikaelson Sister I think

Quibblo Friends: Alena, Alistair, Allison, Angel, Angela, Antoinette, Aphrodite, Arabella, Artemis, Ashley, Avery, Barbara, Benjen, Carter, Casey, Chastity, Cheyenne, Christopher, Daisy, Dani, Daniel (who looks like Lijah), Daniel (who looks like Aiden), Danielle, Elena, Elizabeth, Ethan, Gabriel, Henry, Hunter, Jacob, Jake, James, Jarrod, Justin, Katerina, Keith, Lacey, Lawrence, Liam, Lucas, Maya, Maxie, Melissa, Michael, Nathan, Nathaniel, Nicholas, Nichole, Olivia, Robbie, Sean, Sierra, Simon, Sophia, Stefan,Tiara, Tyler, Valentina, Valerie, Wes, Zahra and Zander

Best Friends: Rebekah Mikaelson and Alaric Saltzman

Close Friends: Damon Salvatore, Bonnie Bennett (for Damon), Josette Laughlin (for Alaric), Hayley Marshall (for Rebekah), Annabelle Zhu, Lorenzo St. John, Caroline Forbes, Meredith Fell and Malachai Parker

Mikaelson Friends: Freya, Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol and Rebekah

Other Friends: Elena Gilbert (For Nathaniel), Stefan Salvatore, Tyler Lockwood, Olivia Parker, Lucas Parker, Julian (the one who took over Tyler's body), Sarah Nelson and Mary Louise

Acquaintances: Nora Hildegard (for Mary Louise), Antoinette Sienna, Seline, Sybil, Pearl and Logan Fell

Frenemies: Katherine Pierce, Tristan De Martel, Aurora De Martel and Lucien Castle

Enemies (People): Mikael, Esther, Dahlia, Cade, Giuseppe and Lillian

Enemies (Species): Humans, Original Vampires, Upgraded Original Vampires, Hybrids, Upgraded Original Hybrids, Heretics, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Tribrids, Brotherhood Hunters and Immortals

Eternal Twin Flame (Love Interest): Damon Salvatore

Family: Mikael (Father), Esther (Mother), Dahila (Maternal Aunt), Matthew (Paternal Uncle) Freya and Finn (Oldest Twin Siblings), Elijah and Lynn (Older Twin Siblings), Angela and Angelina (Older Twin Siblings), Nathaniel and Niklaus (Maternal Half Older Twin Brothers), Nicholas (Paternal Half Older Brother), Kol and Kaleb (Older Twin Brothers), Benjen and Zahra (Paternal Cousins), Alistair Mikaelson (Older Twin Brother), Rebekah (Younger Sister), Henrik (Deceased Younger Brother), Sophia (Youngest Sister), Peyton and Pamela (Paternal Half Younger Sisters), Miles Mikaelson Salvatore (Oldest Son, born in 1858), Laura Mikaelson Salvatore (Oldest Daughter, born in 1862)

Honorary Family: Quibblo Friends

Future Family: Damon Salvatore (Husband), Aaron Mikaelson Salvatore (Middle Son, born in 2012), Owen Mikaelson Salvatore (Youngest Son, born in 2014)

Closest To: Quibblo Friends, Her siblings, Alaric and Damon

Partner In Life: Rebekah Mikaelson

Soulmates (Platonic): Alaric Saltzman

Shoulder To Lean On: Freya Mikaelson

Voice Of Reason: Nicholas Mikaelson

Other Half: Alistair Mikaelson

Partners In Crime: Kol and Klaus

Pride and Joy: Miles and Laura

Occupation: Socialite (Trainer)

Diet: Blood bags and human food

Side Of The War: Mikaelsons

Mystic Falls or New Orleans: Neither

Loyalty: to her family

Likes: Being listened to

Dislikes: Drama, Conflict

Interests: Helping others, Watching movies

Talent: Can be extremely neutral in tense situations

Greatest Fear: Being completely alone

Deepest Desire: To be happy in a peaceful world

Secret: Occasionally sl(ee)ps with her siblings

Most Prized Possession: A necklace she got from her mother as a child

Motto: Always and Forever 

Character Quote: "We should all calm down and watch an episode of full house."

Extra: Tries not to pick sides


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