Clarissa Saetre Parker

Character Information!

Chapter 1

Clarke Parker

by: Clarke

Birth Name: Clarissa Saetre Forbes Parker

Chosen Name: Clarissa Parker

Legal Name: Clarissa Forbes Parker

Nickname(s): Clarke (Everyone), Claire (Siblings)

Petname: Darling, Rissa (Nathaniel)

Alias: Isabella De Valliere

Future Married Alias: Isabella De Valliere Stravos

Gender: Female

Species: Heretic

Age: 16

Birthday: June 23rd

Birthplace: Mystic Falls

Current Residence: Mystic Falls.

Vacation Home: New Orleans.

Status: Alive

Marital Status: Single

Title: Lady Clarissa Parker

Future Married Title: Clarissa Parker Mikaelson

Reputation: Demon Spawn (Trouble).

Oldest Friends: Chris Parker and Hope Mikaelson

Best Friends: Tatia Mikaelson, Fiona Salvatore, Stephanie Avery, Kayla Parker and Ian Salvatore

Close Friends: Raven, Octavia, Monty (Siblings she was raised with), Mia Salvatore, Lizzie and Josie Saltzman, MG, Rafael Waithe and Landon Kirby

Other Friends: Insert Quibblo Friends' Children Here

Adult Friends: Daisy, Niklaus, Hayley, Levi, Barbara, Wesley, Angela, Damon, Caroline, Valentina, Daniel (Forbes) and Rebekah

Frenemies: Henry (Hope's Hybrid)

Enemies (People): The Hollow, Mikael, Antoinette (Nazi), Greta, Roman and Esther

Enemies (Species): None

Eternal Twin Flame (Love Interest): Nathaniel Mikaelson

Rival: Arabesque Castle (sort of)

Family: Daisy Saetre Forbes Mikaelson (Mother), Malachai Parker (Father), Elijah Mikaelson (Deceased Stepfather), Levi King (Stepfather after Elijah's death), Amy Carter (Stepmother), Niklaus Mikaelson (Godfather), Ashton Saetre (Maternal Uncle), Mikael Nightdale (Maternal Uncle), Clarissa Nightdale (Namesake/Maternal Aunt in law), Daniel Forbes (Aunt via him and Daisy being chosen siblings /Distant relative via Daisy being his ancestor), Valentina Forbes (Aunt via her and Daisy being chosen sisters/Distant relative via Daisy being her ancestor), Caroline Forbes (Aunt via her and Daisy being chosen sisters/Distant relative via Daisy being her ancestor), Josette, Elizabeth, Joey, Liv, Luke and three unnamed Parker siblings (Paternal Aunts and Uncles), Christopher Mikaelson (Older Stepbrother via Elijah), Christopher Parker (Older Paternal Half Brother), Bellamy and Kayla Parker (Younger Twin Paternal Half Siblings), Raven Saetre Mikaelson (Younger Maternal Half Sister), Octavia Saetre Mikaelson (Youngest Maternal Half Sister), Joel and Peter Mikaelson (Younger Stepbrothers via Elijah), Rachel Mikaelson (Younger stepsister via Elijah), Monty Mikaelson (Maternal Younger Half Brother), George Anthony Parker (Adoptive Youngest Paternal Brother), Elizabeth and Josette Saltzman (Paternal Cousins), Daniel, Valentina and Caroline's Children (Distant Maternal Descendants) Hope Mikaelson (Godcousin via Klaus/Step-sister via them both being Levi's stepdaughters), Shawn King, Oliver Jackson King, Camille Grace King, Michael Elijah King, Claire Rebekah King and Philip Marcellus King (Stepsiblings after Elijah's death/when Levi becomes her stepfather)

Five years after Elijah (and Hayley's) deaths, Daisy and Levi got married.

Honorary Family: Elijah, Klaus, Hayley and Rebekah

Future Family: Nathaniel Mikaelson (Husband), Daniel Mikaelson (Unknown step son via Nathaniel/Angela), Alexander Parker Mikaelson (Oldest son), Johnathon Parker Mikaelson (Middle son), Jordan Parker Mikaelson (Youngest son), and Maria Angelica Parker Mikaelson (Daughter), Maya Annabelle Mikaelson Salvatore (Niece via Raven/Ian), Zoey Mikaelson (Niece via Octavia/Josie)

Future In Laws: Kol Mikaelson (Father In Law), Davina Claire (Mother In Law), Michael King (Stepfather In Law), Allison Salvatore (Stepmother In Law), Noah, Chloe, Danielle, Nolan, Noelle, Caylen and Nola (Brothers and Sisters In Law)

Closest To: Chris Parker, Bellamy, Kayla, Hope Mikaelson and Ian Salvatore

Occupation: High School Student

Powers and Abilities: All those of a regular heretic.

Significant Sires: Her children (Eventually)

Significant Kills: None.

Greatest Fear: Her magic being stripped away from her.

Deepest Desire: To protect everything she loves.

Secret: She slept (wi)th Ian once before.

Most Prized Possession: The ring she got from her father (All of his kids got one)

Motto: Forgive, don't forget.

Character Quote: There's always a choice. I just pick the bad ones.

Extra: She's a good student.


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