This isn't a writing story this is just me keeping track of my family

Chapter 1

The Mikaelson Family

Oldest To Youngest

They were turned on October 1st. I don't know why I decided on that date. I'm open to any other suggestions. Ages are adjusted to fit our series. (Ex: Elijah is actually around 25 in the show but in order to let Sophie be 18 he must be 30)

Freya and Finn Mikaelson, the Oldest Twin Siblings, looks 35 years old (well, when turned into an original for Finn and Freya ages normally so who knows how old she is by now) but is actually 1000+ years old. Born on June 27th, 972. They are Cancers.

Explanation: Casper Zafer was born on October 28th and Riley Voelkel was born on April 26th. October is the tenth month and April is the fourth. So I subtracted four from ten which is six. So now the twins have a June birthday and the day is because it's the one between their two birthdays.

Elijah Mikaelson, Second Eldest Brother, is five years younger than his oldest sibling which puts him at 30 by the time he was turned. Born on January 4th, 977. He is a Capricorn.

Explanation: Daniel Gillies was born on March 14th but he and Elijah are hardly anything alike. I based this one off of zodiac personality.

Lynn Mikaelson, Second Eldest Sister, is nine months younger than Elijah, which makes her 29, going on 30, at the time they were turned. Born on October 10th, 977. She is a Libra.

Explanation: Ange wanted Freya and Finn to be the only twins, which I couldn't exactly give her because there's still Nate/Nik/Nat but I did get Lynn to agree to being born younger than Elijah but in the same year.

Angela Mikaelson, Third Eldest Sister, is two years younger than Elijah and Lynn. This makes her having just turned 28, by the time they were turned. Born on July 5th, 979. She is a Cancer.

I kept the numbers as even as possible

Nathaniel, Niklaus and Natalia, the Triplets (Third and Fourth Eldest Brothers, Fourth Eldest Sister), are two years younger than Angela, which makes them 26 at the time they were turned. Born on March 25th, 981. They are all Aries'.

Explanation: In a flashback, Katherine was revealed to have killed herself on April 6th. This was after she went on the run from Klaus because he planned on using her in a sacrifice. They met at his birthday party, thrown by Elijah, which means his birthday is sometime in late March, as he wouldn't have bypassed two full moons to wait to for the sacrifice.

Kol Mikaelson, The Fifth Brother, is a year younger than the triplets, which makes him 25 by the time they were turned. Born on July 31st, 982. He is a Leo.

Explanation: Once again based off Zodiac personality/agreed upon by Kaleb.

Benjen and Zahra, Cousins via Mikael, are the same age of Kol, born just two weeks later on August 24th, 982. They are both Leos.

Explanation: Is one needed?

Alistair Mikaelson, The Sixth Brother, is eleven months younger than Kol, making him 24 by the time they were turned. Born on June 27th, 983. He is a Cancer.

Explanation: Shares his day of birth with the Oldest Twins of the family but is nine years younger than them. We decided not to be twins.

Wesley Mikaelson, The Fifth Sister, is a year younger than Alistair, making her 23 by the time they were turned. Born on December 25th, 984. She is a Capricorn.

Explanation: This is just my birthday.

Rebekah Mikaelson, The Sixth Sister, is three years younger than Wesley, making her 20 by the time they were turned. Born on October 7th, 987. She is a Libra.

Explanation: Can't be too old but still not too young.

Henrik Mikaelson, The Youngest Brother, is a year younger than Rebekah, making him 19 by the time they were turned. Born on October 14th, 988. He is a Libra.

Explanation: His real birthday.

Sophia Mikaelson, The Youngest Sister, is a year younger than Henrik, making her 18 by the time they were turned. Born on August 4th, 989. She is a Leo.

Explanation: Her Real birthday.


The Largest Age gap between the Mikaelsons is seventeen years, the oldest being Freya and youngest being Sophia.

Benjen and Zahra were raised with the siblings because of their father's untimely death.

There are four Cancers (Freya, Finn, Angela, Alistair), four Leos (Kol, Ben, Zahra and Sophia), two Capricorns (Elijah and Wesley), Three Libras (Lynn, Rebekah, Henrik) and Three Aries' (Nathaniel, Niklaus, Natalia) in the family.

Angela is the first of them to have a child, though not all of them know who the father is (the child being Paul).

Besides Benjen and Zahra (who are possessive of each other/do the same), the siblings sometimes go to each other in times of comfort which results in intimacy.

There are seven girls and seven boys just between siblings, then eight girls and eight boys including cousins.

There are three different species within the Mikaelson family (not including Children): Witch (Freya), Original Vampire (Finn, Elijah, Lynn, Angela, Kol, Ben, Zahra, Ali, Wes, Bex, Rik and Soph) and Original Hybrid (Nathaniel, Niklaus and Natalia).

Their motto is Always and Forever.

They may fight and dagger each other but they will always love each other, even in death or when they hate the other. Although without Julie Plec's interference no one has to kill the other. . . . meaning her bull with Finn killing Kol is exactly that: bull.

More to be added.


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