Law and Order: SVU

Something that I wanted and Nate agreed to try with me

This is originally fictional, it will not follow the series

Don't like/don't read

Friends can join us if interested but you can't take forever on your chapters

Please don't be rude

Thank you so much for your time


Chapter 1


Name: Anastasia Beck 

Nickname: Ana 

Gender: Female 

Age: 18 Luke was in high school 

Birthday: July 5th 

Status: Alive 

Friends: Nathaniel Rollins, Luke Breslin, Erin Lindsey, Peter Stone, Olivia Benson, Odafin Tutuola, John Munch, Dr. George Huang, Nick Amaro, Dominick Carisi Jr., Brian Cassidy, Alexandra Cabot, Elizabeth Donnelly, David Haden, Rafael Barba and Danny Burrell 

Love Interest: Luke Breslin 

Family: Arlo Beck (Father) 

Occupation: High School Student/New leader of Woman's Empowerment Group 

Pathology: Liar

Name: Nathaniel Rollins 

Nickname: Nate 

Gender: Male 

Age: 21 

Birthday: October 22nd 

Status: Alive 

Friends: Anastasia Arlo, Amanda Rollins, Kim Rollins, Dominick Carisi Jr, Rafael Barba, Olivia Benson, Alexandra Cabot, Don Craegen, Nick Amaro, Peter Stone, Brian Cassidy, John Munch, Odafin Tutuola and George Huang 

Love Interest: Dominick Carisi Jr 

Family: Amanda Rollins (Older Sister), Kim Rollins (Younger Sister) 

Occupation: Law School Student 

Pathology: Good

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