I'm just going to write in the introduction because then I don't have to delete anything :) And y'all can check out the comments to see who's all in the story! TheSpecter, ciorstan_eilionior, and alistar- we're a team now! I should have the first chapter out and ready hopefully by the end of the weekend! :D

Chapter 1

The Sheet O Sign Ups!!!

Okay!! So I'm sure y'all know how to do a group story sign up but for you newbies or returners who might be a little rusty (such as me lol) I'll just recap really quick. We all create a character and write from the story prompt from our character's pov and pass it around. :) I hope we have at least 3-6 authors on this, but I'm willing to give or take depending on who signs up. Please create a quality character who's unique from the other characters in the sign ups! So read the comments please guys so we all know what characters have been done! :) Can't wait to get started on this!


The letter comes out in the dead of winter and everything changes. These people had normal lives and suddenly they most don the cloak of legacy and pursue a higher vocation. It's almost a religious life; each person must travel to Celosia Temple nestled within the mountains to dedicate themselves to learning their power. Some struggle. Some wish to return home. Others find themselves there. And then the Master disappears. A darkness threatens the beloved temple....can the students save the only haven created for those who have the power of the stars in their hands?

Please follow the same character outline as mine! But you'er always welcome to add more details or come up with new ideas!!


Nickname: (if any)

Age: (13-20)





Power: (Has to be something mystical. Super strength is out my friends)

Love interest:

My Character

Name: Rhea

Nickname: none

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Dark brown braids that reach just below her shoulders, freckles over olive skin that stand out like grease splatters, dark almond shaped eyes, a little tall, about 5ft 7, hourglass figure. Wears dark purple sweater, blue jeans and indigo converse

Personality: Rhea is a simple soul, generous, kind-hearted, she genuinely wants people to get along and to find what brings them peace. She's not a complainer. However, with this comes the inability to articulate when she is uncomfortable- she's agreeable and won't stand up for herself. She doesn't want to argue so she keeps quiet when people ask her what she thinks.

Background: Rhea comes from a musical background. Her mother was a Choir teacher and her father was the Music History and Theory teacher at the community college. She grew up in a small town, and played the piano from a young age. Her older brother is a stellar clarinet player. Her younger sister however, cannot carry a tune, and Rhea has spent her entire life trying to help her younger sister fit with their family's musical tendencies by lessening her own skill, and not living up to her potential. She wants nothing more than to help her little sister find a place in their family, but doesn't ever encourage her to try new things or forge her own destiny. This causes her little sister to resent her, and to become frustrated, hating anyone who likes music. Her younger sister is also develops a mystical power, and Rhea must learn to let her younger sister fly and walk on her own two legs.

Power: Rhea has the ability to take on arch-angel physiology. This is something that allows her to feel at one with the glorious gardens in the temple, and delve deeper into her music. However, it also brings with it's beauty, a great strength and power that she is too passive and quiet to wield.

Love Interest: We'll see who all signs up I guess


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