Kol Mikaelson

Official character for Kol (inspired by Nathaniel)

I got the okay from his siblings (sorry if I missed someone, I have a short memory)

If anyone's not okay with something I'd be willing to change it (As long as it's reasonable and the person isn't rude)

Chapter 1

Kol Mikaelson

Birth Name: Kol Aiden Mikaelson Doesn't have an actual middle name, Aiden is the name of Nathaniel Buzolic's closest cousin though

Chosen Name: Kol Mikaelson

Nicknames: Little Prince, Darling (Dominic only), Psychotic Maniac, Worst Of The Worst (Himself), The Wildest Mikaelson (Finn), The Happy Homicidal Maniac, The Wily Troublemaker (Klaus), The Wily Fox (Finn and Klaus), Babybat (His brothers besides Finn), Twin (Wesley, though they aren't actually twins), Brother (His siblings), Bat Twin #1 (Daisy, while referring to him and Kai)

If anyone else has any for him, I'll be sure to add them

Petname: Love, Handsome (Allison), Boyfriend, Sweetie (Davina), Mon trésor, Baby (Michael), Red (all of them)

Gender: Male

Species: Original Vampire

Age: 19 (Frozen At)

Birthday: January 20th

Birthplace: Mystic Falls, Virginia

Status: Alive

Martial Status: Married

Appearance: 6'1, Brown hair, dark brown eyes, with many different hairstyles over the centuries but ultimately keeps up with the times when it comes to appearance.

Village or Island Girl: Village (Originally), Island (Now)

Heaven Or Hell: Hell.

Strength: Being able to trick others.

Weakness: Switching Sides/Recklessness.

Title: Reckless Mikaelson

Reputation: Black Sheep Of The Family

Description: Second Youngest Mikaelson Son

Best Friends: Dominic Calore, Malachai Parker, Angela and Wesley Mikaelson

Close Friends: Elijah, Nathaniel, Niklaus, Nicholas, Rebekah, Hunter and Sophia Mikaelson, Allison Salvatore, Davina Claire, Michael King, Katherine Pierce, Cheyenne Fairchild, Valerie Tulle, Levi King and Caroline Forbes Nathaniel Buzolic said Caroline and Kol would be great friends, look it up if you don't believe me

Other Friends: Freya and Finn Mikaelson, Elena Gilbert for Dominic, Hayley Marshall, Josh Rosza, Melissa Cooper, Ryan Mikaelson, Chris Mikaelson, Austin Petrova, April Young, Keelin Malraux and Alena Morrigan

Acquaintances: Stefan Salvatore, Matt Donovan, Jackson Kenner, Bonnie Bennett, Camille O'Connell and Tyler Lockwood

Frenemies: Marcel Gerard, Daisy Forbes, Amy Carter and Damon Salvatore

Enemies: Jeremy Gilbert, The Hollow, Mikael, Esther, Silas and Questiyah

Eternal Twin Flame(s): Allison, Davina and Michael

Lovers: None Kol loves a lot of things. Magic, Being free and tormenting his siblings but he doesn't care about s^x unless his partner does so no matter how much of a "ladies man" he might present himself as, he doesn't actively seek it out

Ex: Freya Mikaelson They went on one date and Kol got daggered, but nonetheless it was a date even if he didn't know who she was

Family: Mikael (Hated/Feared Father), Esther (Hated Mother), Dahlia (Unknown Maternal Aunt), Freya and Finn Mikaelson (Cared for Oldest Siblings), Elijah Mikaelson (Beloved Older Brother), Angela Mikaelson (Beloved Older Sister), Nathaniel and Niklaus Mikaelson (Beloved Older Maternal Half Brothers), Nicholas Nesterov (Beloved Older Brother), Alistair and Wesley Mikaelson (Beloved Younger Siblings), Rebekah Mikaelson (Beloved Younger Sister), Henrik Mikaelson (Deceased Younger Brother), Sophia Mikaelson (Beloved Youngest Sister)

Honorary Family: Dominic Calore and Malachai Parker

Additional Family: Keelin Malraux (Beloved Sister In Law via Freya), Alena Morrigan (Beloved Sister In Law via Finn), Daisy Forbes Mikaelson (Beloved though he'd never tell her, ever Sister In Law via Elijah), Stefan Salvatore (Neutral Brother In Law via Angela), Valerie Tulle-Mikaelson (Beloved Sister In Law via Nathaniel), Melissa Mikaelson (Beloved Sister In Law via Niklaus), Katherine Pierce (Beloved/Admired Sister In law via Nicholas), Valentina Forbes-Mikaelson (Beloved Sister In Law via Alistair), Alexander Baizen (Neutral Brother In Law via Wesley), Cheyenne Fairchild (Beloved Sister In Law via Rebekah), Marcel Gerard (Friendly Brother In Law via Rebekah), Austin Petrova (Beloved Brother In Law via Sophia)

Spouse(s): Allison Avery Salvatore Mikaelson (First Wife), Davina Claire King (Second Wife), Michael King (Husband)

Children: Noah Claire King (Oldest Stepson), Chloe Salvatore Mikaelson (Oldest Daughter), Nathaniel and Danielle Mikaelson (Middle Children), Nolan and Noelle King Salvatore (Middle Step Children), Caylen Salvatore Mikaelson (Youngest Son), Nola Claire King (Youngest Stepdaughter)

Closest To: Dominic Calore, Malachai Parker, Angela Mikaelson and Wesley Mikaelson

Partner In Life: Malachai Parker

Soulmate: Dominic Calore

Shoulder To Lean On: Angela Mikaelson

Other Half: Wesley Mikaelson

Partners In Crime: Rebekah Mikaelson and Klaus Mikaelson (Occasionally)

Pride and joy: Hunter and Sophia Mikaelson (Youngest Siblings)

Occupation: None

Diet: Blood Bags & Vampire (Allison's only) blood

Side Of The War: Dominic's

Mystic Falls or New Orleans: Neither

Loyalty: Dominic, Allison, Davina and Michael Kol is only loyal to his siblings when there's a chance of him dying, sorry

Likes: Magic, Witches, Blood and Occasionally fighting

Dislikes: Being Daggered, being humiliated

Interests: Magic, Dark Objects, Baseball

Powers and Abilities: All those of an original vampire

Greatest Fear: Losing any of his partners/Dying again

Deepest Desire: To keep his loved ones safe

Secret: Making a secret dagger (Revealed Later On), S^xuality (it was more of a no one ever asked situation but eventually revealed)

Most Prized Possession: His wedding rings, his daylight ring as it keeps him from burning in the sun all the time

Motto(s): Pick The Winning Side.

Character Quote: "The best people are black sheep."

Extra: He looks the most like Elijah/Alistair out of his brothers, and the most like Wesley out of his sisters.


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