The Originals

The Originals

Originally fictional because I'm throwing my quibblo friends and I into the series as well

I'm bored it's the best I got

Anyone who wants to join the story is welcome



Be nice I just started watching the series

Chapter 1


I'm only adding in those that matter to me, you can suggest people later on

You can also decline to join the story as well but if I need you in the story I will add you to it

Season 1

Quibblo Friends:

Allison (dating Kol/Meets Davina)

Amy (Nathaniel and Niklaus' Paternal Sister) Elijah called Klaus Niklaus, I'm just going by what I am given

Angela (o!dest Mikaelson sister in our group)

Barbara (will come in eventually as she's Tristan and Aurora's sister)

Chastity (Valerie's best friend)

Christopher (Elijah's secret son)

Daisy (dating Elijah),

Dominic (Nathaniel and Kol's friend)

Henry (Angela's Honorary younger brother/Adopted Son)

Levi (is dating Hayley)

Lucas (Nathaniel's best friend)

Melissa (is dating Klaus)

Michael (is dating Davina/meets Kol and Allison)

Nathaniel (Klaus' twin)

Valerie (is dating Nathaniel)

Wesley (middle Mikaelson Sister in our group)

Mikaelson Family

Freya (seasons 2-5)

Elijah (main character seasons 1-5l

Klaus (main Character seasons 1-5)

Kol (Seasons 2-5)

Rebekah (main Character Seasons 1-5, with times off because Claire Holt elected to leave the show)

Hayley (Honorary member- main cast seasons 1-5)

Marcel (Klaus' adopted son/sometimes enemy/sometimes allie and at one point best friend)

Vivian (Nathaniel's daughter with Katherine)

Hope (Hayley was still pregnant throughout season 1, we started the series learning she was pregnant- Niklaus and Hayley's daughter due to a drunkin one night stand)

Tatiana (Angela's daughter)

more will be added as the story goes on

I promise to add Nicholas's character later on, when he let's me know who he is and what season be wants to come in m

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