If Then

'I'd rather fail, than to know I never tried, never lived, never died, just for an easy life.'

High School's over and college is starting. Danielle no longer lives with her parents and both her and her twin brother decide to attend whitmore college, like a few of their high school friends. Deciding to live in an apartment rather than the dorms, she moves into a loft with her best friend, Stefan, as well as Brian Walsh and Cora Rogers, two others from their friend group.
Slice Of Life.

Chapter 1

Chapter One: Beginning

"This place is surprisingly large." Danielle admitted as she walked out of her new room in the loft, approaching the kitchen counter where Cora, Brian and Stefan sat.

Cora was Stefan's female best friend from childhood, and though they weren't as close as they used to be, they're still very close friends. Brian was one of Stefan's best male friends from childhood and they remained so. Stefan Salvatore, Danielle's best friend, a mechanic, had offered for her to move in with them because they were all good friends and she didn't want to live in dorms.

"I don't even remember how we got this place." Cora admitted, offering Danielle a water bottle with a grin.

Brian and Stefan seemed suspicious of that, but said nothing as they shared a knowing glance which Dani made a mental note to ask about later.

"Doesn't Damon live right above us?" Danielle asked teasingly, raising a brow at Stefan.

"Do you want to go live in the dorms?" He questioned, half playfully. Though he was friends with everyone who lived in the loft, he and Danielle were closest of the four, so she knew firsthand about his issues with Damon.

Their friend group consisted of eight people; Danielle Lockwood, Stefan Salvatore, Brian Walsh, Cora Rogers, Alexia Branson, Matthew Harnett, Ethan Giffin and Callie Gallagher.

Of course, everyone had people they were closest to within the group. For Stefan, it was Lexi and Dani. For Cora, it was Brian and Callie, ect, ect.

"Damon's still alive? Stefan's brooding hasn't killed him?" Lexi asked as she walked into their viewpoint, closing the front door behind them.

"Do you have a key?" Brian asked as he looked up from his laptop.

"No. I picked the lock. Why don't I have a key?" She questioned playfully, crossing her arms at her friends.

Brian looked slightly suspicious while Cora offered a grin, replying with "Because you know how to pick our lock."

Lexi shared a smirk with Cora before going to sit besides Stefan

"As fun as this is, I need to sleep. We have class first thing tomorrow." Danielle confessed.

"We?" Cora complained as Danielle pulled her out of the kitchen as well, throwing a 'goodnight!' over her shoulder to her friends.


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