Next Generation

Next Generation

Originally fictional

Chapter 6

Tatiana Angel Mikaelson (Two Years Later)

Nathaniel pulled our car off of the highway as we entered Portland Oregon, Clarke and Christopher had decided to move into the old Parker residence 6 months prior to our arrival so Nathaniel and I promised to visit.

"Whether you and Chris decide to stay together or break up, don't let Nikolina be your excuse" Nathaniel said glancing back at my now almost 4 year old daughter sleeping in the back seat

"Don't let Clarke moving into the Parker home influence your decision as to where we end up living" I said as Nathaniel stopped at a red light

My cousin nodded in understanding before turning to me and saying

"Don't let my niece take away your dream of going to college and making something of yourself" Nathaniel said as we watched Nikolina skeep in the backseat

We finally arrived at the Parker house and Nathaniel parked the car in the driveway, we climbed out of the car and Nathaniel took Nikolina into his arms as I locked the car

We then walked up the driveway, climbed up the stairs and knocked on the door

"I'm surprised you can't smell the blood, so many were murdered in this house" I said laying my hand on Nathaniel's arm as we waited

The door opened a few minutes later to reveal Clarke standing there

She smiled and hugged the three of us before leading us inside

"Chris, they're here" Clarke called into the house as she closed the front door

"Kitchen" Christopher yelled back

The four of us walked into the kitchen to find Christopher cooking breakfast

I blinked because it looked amazing, there was waffles, pancakes (chocolate or regular with extra butter), muffins (regular and english), there were hashbrowns, sausage, bacon, toast (regular and frenched), biscuits, eggs and freshly cut fruit

"Wow mate, a little over the top there" Nathaniel teased

"Well it's the first time my girlfriend visits my family're still my girlfriend right?" Chris asked

"You're the one who ran away, you tell me" I said as Nathaniel handed me my daughter

Christopher nodded in understanding as I handed Nikolina to Clarke, it had been a while since they last saw each other.

Nathaniel and I stroped back as Christopher stared at his sister and daughter, Nikolina could feel strange eyes on her and turned her head in his direction

"Nina darling, this is your Biological Father Christopher Parker....Christopher this is Nikolina Konstantinova Mikaelson, your daughter" Nathaniel said moving a little closer to the three as I made Nikolina, Nathaniel and I some tea

My daughter gently pushed on Clarke's chest letting her know she wanted to be let down and glanced in my direction

"Christopher is Auntie Clarke's Paternal Half Older Brother, Angel....he's family" I said trying to find the right phrasing for my four year old daughter to understand

Having grown up with no Fsther of my own I could understand Nikolina's hesitation as she glanced shyly at Christopher before walking gingerly over to Nathaniel and hugged his leg til he picked her up

She loves and trusts her uncle/godfather

I trusted my uncles too

"It's ok darling, no one here will hurt you" Nathaniel told his Niece/Goddaughter honestly

He smirked but glared at Christopher slightly daring him to try something

I glanced over at Clarke who looked like she wanted to say something but wasn't sure exactly what that was before glancing at Christopher who had surprisingly started to cry

Wow so he really was Georgie's son because if he were Kai's his first instance would of probably been to murder my daughter to protect his spot in line for Gemini leader (after Kai) that is

"Oh my god, I have a daughter....Hi Sweetheart it's really nice to meet you" Christopher said after Clarke handed him a napkin so he could blow his noise

Nikolina looked over at him

'Where have you been for four years?' I felt my daughter ask in her mind but instead she said "hi"

I giggled causing Clarke, Christopher and Nathaniel to glance in my direction

"She wants to know if you're her Father, where have you been for the last four years?" I said turning to glance back at 'my boyfriend'

"I've been trying to find myself and wrap my head around being a dad, but i'm back now and i promise I'll never leave again" Christopher said to our daughter thpugh through his whole speech he was staring at me

"How noble" I said before walking over and sitting next to Clarke at the table

Nathaniel smirked before handing Nikolina back to me so he could grab his and Nikolina's teas as well

"So breakfast?" Clarke asked

The four of us nodded before we all made our plates and re-sat down to eat

After breakfast Christopher asked me to take a walk outside with him so we could talk and I agreed wanting to see if we could fix things

"I know you're upset I just left but i'm home now and I want to start over or start fresh...we had a good thing before the craziness" Christopher said after the back door closed behind him

"Craziness, right my getting pregnant at 16 with our daughter and you needing to find out who your Father was" I said honestly though the last part he had kept a secret from everyone maybe even Clarke...I know he hadn't told Georgie

"I needed time and i'm sorry" Christopher said

"Sorry, our daughter has no idea if she can trust you because she doesn't know you and you think an i'm sorry is enough" I said honestly

"And do you trust me?" Christopher asked moving a little closer to me with a glance and a smirk

He was trying to be charming and I could see a glimpse of his Father

"I honestly don't know how to feel about you anymore" I said

"Well do you still love me?" Christopher asked moving closer to me

I hummed in thought that was an interestingly excellent question, one I wasn't really sure of

"I have feelings for you" I said honestly causing Christopher to smirk before chuckling a little

"I still have feelings for you too" Christopher said moving a little closer causing me to fear we would topple off the steps

I blinked because as we got closer Christopher reached out his hand to grab my waist causing my free hand to grab hold of his shoulder to counterbalance my weight, we then leaned forward and kissed

'You can't deny this feels right' Christopher thought in his mind

I sighed in contentment before allowing him to deepen the kiss

I giggled slightly when Christopher sighed in contentment as well

"Just because I kissed you doesn't mean I forgive you" I said pulling back for air a little while later

Christopher nodded his understanding before saying

"I kissed you"

I blinked before pushing him against the stairs so we were half laying/half sitting upon them before straddling his waist and kissing him deeply once more

"I kissed you back" I said honestly causing Christopher to smirk when we pulled back for air

"But we're not ok?" Christopher asked

"We're ok, it'll take time before we can say we're family" I said honestly standing up

Christopher blinked but nodded his understanding

"I can work with that" he said

I nodded now knowing he could

We soon headed back inside not wanting Clarke, Nikolina or Nathaniel to worry

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