Next Generation

Next Generation

Originally fictional

Chapter 5

Clarke Parker

by: Clarke

I woke up the morning after we spent the night at the Mikaelson compound to find out my godfather and stepfather had both died, my "aunt" Wesley had gone back to Mystic Falls, Kol and Angela were heading to California where Dominic would probably meet and comfort his best friend, the original Nathaniel Mikaelson left without telling anyone where he was going, Hope was mourning obviously, my siblings were gone and Rebekah and Marcel got engaged. My first thought was to check on my mom but I couldn't find her so I headed downstairs to fix myself something to eat.

I found Tatia instead

"They didn't even say goodbye." She said

"I'm sure the adults said goodbye last night." I replied though I wasn't sure if Elijah said goodbye to anyone besides his wife, brother and best friend

Hope walked into the kitchen and Tatia hugged her and said thanks after Tatia said sorry for your loss, Hope hugged Nate as well before giving me a look that said find me later and took her leave

A little while later my mom and my godfather's "bride" came downstairs and Tatia hugged them before I hugged My mom.

"What will you do now?" Nathan asked.

"I'm not sure." Mom said honestly.

"We should go to Mystic Falls. Hope is your goddaughter and I could return to school to keep an eye on her." I said even though I'd probably be returning anyway since my aunt ran the school.

My mom nodded a maybe and I was satisfied so went back to reading after Tatia addressed Melissa

Nathaniel went to check on Nikolina and my mom left soon after

"I think it's nice you want to go to Mystic Falls for Hope." Tatia said a bit later

"It's a way to continue our story as well, through her the Mikaelson name will live on." I said honestly

"Were you thinking about returning to California?" I asked after a few minutes passed

"Maybe for the Summer, I'll have to decide what's next from there. My mom's grieving two brothers she has loved and adored her whole life, she needs me, i'm sure Nathaniel will say the same." She stated

"To what?" Nathaniel asked walking back into the kitchen holding Nikolina

"Returning home to California for the summer to be with our grieving parents, we can figure out what's next after making sure they're okay." Tatia told him.

"Right, of course, I mean I would want any kids I might have in the future there to help me grieve if any of my siblings offed themselves." Nathaniel said 'slyly' causing me to roll my eyes

Anyone who could do basic math could tell Angela Lockwood's baby wasn't her actual boyfriend's mother like daughter

"No, seriously I think it's a great idea, maybe Clarke should come with us." Nate offered.

"She hates Kol." Tatia said.

"I don't hate him, my mom just perferred the other two." I shrugged though I knew there was no way my mom would ever let me stay in California around Kol without someone else there above the age of 20 who has a hold on basically Dominic

Nathaniel left soon after and Tatia turned to me

"I prey you'll come with us, you can see it as a vacation seeing as how Angela is moving to Mystic Falls and in with Jacob but i'll hope to see you in the Fall if you decide to stay." She said

I nodded and promised I'd talk to my mom about it before Tatia left

I went to find Hope and finally did in her dad's room

"I'm an orphan." She said sadly

"You have my mom. And your stepdad." I offered, sitting next to her on the floor

She gave me a considering look and sighed

"Yeah, I guess they're alright." She joked

"Your step dad's kinda hot." I teased and she gave me a disgusted look

"How are you my godcousin?" She asked, nudging me over

"Our parents were best friends." I said as if she didn't know, making her roll her eyes

"So do you wanna go back to Mystic Falls?" I asked

"I think so." She nodded, but then added on "You don't have to come if you don't want to."

"We'll see." I said before we got up to find my mom

We found her outside my (her) house, leaning against the wall

"Are you okay?" We both asked

"I have to tell the kids Elijah's dead." She explained.

"I can tell them." I offered quickly before Hope could

"No, I need you two to call Kai." She said, shaking her head.

We glanced at each other confusedly

"Not Kai, but Amy." She clarified

Suddenly we both had guilty expressions, Hope remembering Amy is her aunt via her dad's paternal side which made him my younger siblings' uncle

"Will you wait for me to tell them?" I asked

Mom nodded and Hope went to call Amy and I took a breath before walking in the backyard and cutting my palm

Chris appeared a moment later, holding up his hand to show he had the same cut

"Ow." He said pointedly.

"We have to check on the twins." I said, barely holding it together

"Why? Did Kai do something?" Chris asked, still not trusting dad much

"Klaus is dead." I explained, "Elijah too." I added with tears in my eyes

He blinked before pulling me into a hug and letting me cry

It wasn't as if I couldn't go to my mom or dad, it was more that I didn't need to because Chris and I had each other

I stopped a few minutes later because I realized Hope could still hear me and my mom probably could too

We pulled away later though he still kept an arm around my shoulders and walking back around the front

"Hey, Chris." Mom and Hope said in unison and he pulled away from me to hug them both

It wasn't as if he was related to them but since Hope was my godcousin they met as kids and Chris spent a lot of time around my house so my mom was sort of his godmother too

Well honorary anyway Georgie never got a chance to decide that

He came back to my side a second later and we all walked in together

Raven looked like she immediately knew it was bad news but Octavia and Monty looked oblivious

"What is it?" Raven questioned after Chris and Hope hugged all three of them

"Klaus and Elijah." Mom said in way of explanation.

"What about them?" Monty asked

He was the youngest so he'd be hardest

Chris had built a bond with him however, and leaned down to eye level.

"They...went to see Cami and Hayley, buddy." He said, though Raven immediately understood and Octavia was now clinging to mom's leg.

Monty stared at us all before picking up his plate and throwing his sandwich away

"I'll help make dinner for when dad comes home." He said before marching up to his room

Mom sighed but consoled Rae and Tavia and they eventually went upstairs

She then turned towards Hope, Chris and I

"What do you two wanna do?" She asked

"I wanna go back to Mystic Falls." Hope said

Mom looked conflicted and let out a sigh

"I love you and I'd do anything for you, but I can't go back there yet." She confessed

"I understand." Hope replied quickly

"However, seeing as how Levi is there, you can go back."

Hope looked as happy as she could when she was recently orphaned but hugged my mom and went to call Levi

"I suspect you wanna go back too." Mom said.

"I was thinking I could go to California with Nathaniel and Tatia." I said nervously

"And Kol? No." She said easily, causing me to huff

"Dominic will be there." I offered

She at least looked like she was considering

"You could come traveling with me." Chris randomly blurted

"On a self discovery journey because you hate our dad?" I asked half jokingly

"Haha." He mock laughed

"Seriously, come with me." He offered.

I looked at mom who nodded and I hugged her before going to pack

Two hours later and three conversations with my maternal siblings, I was ready to leave

We sent my bags to his current house before using magic to appear in our dad's house

"What the hell?" My aunt Wesley's husband, Damon asked

"What are you doing here?" I asked

"My best friend's brother died ." He said.

We nodded before going to find the twins, Ara and George

We found them outside with Dad and he turned to look at us

Chris froze so I grabbed his hand and pulled him forward

Dad seemed to understand why were there so went inside

"Are you guys here about uncle Klaus?" Bellamy asked, hugging us both and Kayla following

"Yup. You guys okay?" Chris asked, hugging Ara and George and letting me do so afterwards

"We will be." Kayla shrugged, never one to show emotions

I rolled my eyes at how much like Kai she was but let her believe she was fine

It was weird she was the only one who acted more like dad than our moms

Of course we all had Kai in us but we had more of our moms

Chris looked more like dad than any of us which was ironic because he didn't like him

I, according to my mom, have dad's cleverness

Bellamy looked like dad as well but also had his confidence

Kayla, however, acted almost exactly like him, had the same smirk and everything, even used magic the same way. We like to joke it's because she has the same initials as him

George wasn't biologically his but he had some of dad's mannerisms, such as eating with his hands

Ara's dad was Lucien Castle, but I didn't know him much and had no idea if she was like him

According to my step mom she is, but she was probably biased

After we spent a little time with our siblings, we took our leave and I showed Chris a picture of Nikolina as we were walking

"She's gotten big." He said

"Imagine that." I said with a roll of my eyes

"I should be good to her." He acknowledged

"You don't say, brother." I teased

"How do I know I won't end up like Kai?" He asked

"Well, I don't know if Kai planned on killing Bell and Kayla before they were born, but look at the way he is with them now. He's never willingly let anything hurt them. Maybe he's a bad person, but he seems to be a good dad." I said honestly and he half glared at me for defending him

"He got to live and my mom didn't." Chris replied bitterly

"Yeah, but that isn't on him." I defended

"Still. She was a good person." He told me

"And so was Hayley Marshall." I said

"What does Hayley have to do with it?" He asked

"You aren't the only one who lost a parent and wished they hadn't, Chris, but you're the only one of us who has a kid who had both parents and is willingly staying away from it. Klaus didn't have a choice in staying away from Hope all that time. You want her to grow up without a father?" I questioned

"I did fine." He muttered

"Oh, yeah, having a kid at sixteen and seventeen. You're perfect." I replied and he nudged me in response.

"How's Nathaniel?" He asked, changing the subject.

"I don't know, he disappeared the night Klaus and Elijah died. He might be with Valerie." I replied offhandedly

"Mini Nathaniel." He clarified

"Oh, he's fine. Taking care of your kid." I said and Chris groaned in annoyance at my persistence as we kept walking

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