Next Generation

Next Generation

Originally fictional

Chapter 4

An End Of An Era

I decided to stay at mom's for the night and thankfully Clarke agreed to stay over as well to keep Nikolina and I company since Nathaniel said he needed to go see Jacob and my Mother went with her siblings to Mystic Falls needing to deal with more Mikaelson drama

"Do you think he went to tell him the truth?" Clarke asked as I made us some tea

"No, knowing Nathaniel he went to make sure he didn't lose one of his best friends and closest family members over a girl...he may be Kol's son but he has Davina in him as well" I said honestly pouring our tea before we walked into the living room to find Keelin playing with Nikolina

"She's you're right?" Keelin asked me

I nodded

"I had her almost 2 years ago now" I said honestly, I remember because we were dealing with Mikaelson drama in our own way back then too

"But you're a vampire, aren't you?" Keelin asked

So mom must not have shared my true identity with anyone but Uncle Elijah, Aunt Melissa and Aunt Daisy then

"I'm a Heretic" I said causing her to blink

"Half witch/half vampire but yes through the Mikaelson fertility spell, I was able to have my daughter" I half lied

I didn't need Not so Great-Great Aunt Dahila's spell to have my daughter but I knew she dreamt of having kids with Aunt Freya someday and I wanted to give her a sense of hope.

Keelin nodded in understanding

"And where's the father?" She asked

I blinked, took a sip of my tea and turned to Clarke before saying

"He's out trying to find himself, right?" I said and asked at the same time

"Right, he's on a personal journey of self discovery" Clarke said with a nod

"Oh Keelin, do you know my best friend Clarke? She's Daisy's daughter and Nathaniel, my cousin not my uncle's girlfriend." I said honestly

"It's nice to meet you" Keelin said

"You too" Clarke said before they took drinks from their cups as well


I woke up the next morning to find out my Aunt Freya and Keelin were planning to have a baby with Vincent Griffith as the sperm donor, my Aunt Rebekah and Marcellus were engaged to get married, My Uncles Niklaus and Elijah dead and my mom left town with my Uncle Kol.

"They didn't even say goodbye' I said making Clarke and I tea as Nathaniel returned

"I'm sure the adults said goodbye last night" Clarke said as Hope joined us in the kitchen

"I'm sorry for your lose" I told my cousin honestly Nathaniel nodding his head in agreement sorry as well

"Thanks" Hope said

She hugged Nathaniel and I before going to find Aunt Freya

A little while later I was preparing breakfast because normally my mother would do it but my mom was probably half way back to California by now when my Aunts Melissa and Daisy walked downstairs

"I'm so beyound sorry for the pain you must be in for your lose" I said hugging both of them before standing back so Clarke could hug her Mother

"What will you do now?" Nathaniel asked

"I'm not sure" Aunt Daisy said

and I couldn't say I blamed her, her husband and best friend just Uncle Elijah choosing to kill himself to continue the journey with my Uncle Niklaus who had no choice in the matter, his death was to save and protect Hope.

"We should go to Mystic Falls, Hope is your Goddaughter and I can return to school to keep an eye on her" Clarke told her Mother

I smiled when Aunt Daisy nodded her head in consideration

"What about you, Auntie?" I asked Aunt Melissa

"Well there's no real reason for me to stay here anymore, i'd stay for you but you're all grown up now and don't need me. Maybe i'll travel a little before returning home to California, your mom and I always wanted to see the world....I understand now why i'll have to make that journey alone" Aunt Melissa said

I nodded my understandIng this time

"I'm going to go see if Nikolina is awake" Nathaniel told me a few minutes later to which I nodded leaving Clarke and I to watch my Aunts leave

"I think it's nice you want to travel to Mystic Falls for Hope" I told Clarke when it was just the two of us and I meant it

'It's a way to continue our story as well, through her the Mikaelson name will live on" Clarke said

I nodded that made sense

"Were you thinking about returning to California?" Clarke asked after a few minutes passed as I spelled the plates I had filled to deliver themselves to Aunt Freya and Keelin

"Maybe for the Summer, I'll have to decide what's next from there. My mom's grieving two brothers she has loved and adored her whole life, she needs me, i'm sure Nathaniel will say the same" I said honestly

"To what?" Nathaniel asked walking back into the kitchen holding my daughter

"Returning home to California for the summer to be with our grieving parents, we can figure out what's next after making sure they're ok" I said honestly

"Right of course, I mean I would want any kids I might have in the future there to help me grieve if any of my siblings offed themselves" Nathaniel said

I glared slightly at the double meaning

"No seriously I think it's a great idea, maybe Clarke should come with us" Nathaniel said causing Clarke and I to blink

"She hates Kol" I said

"I don't hate him, my mom just perferred the other two" Clarke said

"Well I'll go get Nikolina and our things ready to leave" Nathaniel said before he one arm hugged me

I hugged him back before kissing my daughter's cheek

"Please just think about it, who knows what the future has in store" Nathaniel said as he one arm hugged Clarke now too

We have a no kissing while me and my daughter are in the room rule so Nathaniel kissed the top of Clarke's head as Clarke stood to hug Nikolina who was still in Nathaniel's arms

"I'll be home soon, I just have to clean up" I said honestly

Nathaniel nodded in understanding, kissed the top of my head as well and left the compound with my Daughter

"I prey you'll come with us, you can see it as a vacation seeing as how Angela is moving to Mystic Falls and in with Jacob but i'll hope to see you in the Fall if you decide to stay" I told Clarke honestly

Clarke nodded her understandIng and I knew that was her way of telling me she had to think about it

We shared a hug before I used another spell to clean up then left the compound myself

I cried as I walked the four blocks home knowing I would never see the Mikaelson compound again, now that we were free to live our lives and go our separate ways

I wasn't sure about Always and Forever anymore but I was sure the Mikaelson name would live on

I got home a little while later to find Nathaniel packing as Nikolina played with her stuffed bear Uncle Niklaus had given her the day after I revealed my secret to the family

I walked over and placed the cd of piano music uncle Elijah made for Nikolina after he regained his memories

"If you remember none of this my sweet Angel, remember that our Uncles loved us...they were good people who would do anything for family and it's a lesson they wanted to pass on through me to you" I said leaning in front of my Daughter's playpin wanting to have eye contact with her

"So you want me to pack everything or are we coming back?" Nathaniel asked walking back into the living room

"We aren't coming back to New Orleans, we're spending the summer in California and we'll decide together what's next from there" I said honestly turning my head in my cousin's direction.

Nathaniel nodded in understanding before going to pack up our rooms as well

"You'll love California, you'll have Aunts and Uncles there who will love and spoil you" I told my daughter honestly thinking about my siblings

I haven't seen my Salvatore siblings since Stefan's sacrifice but Ryan says they're ok so I guess that's something

When Nathaniel came back he took our suff downstairs while I packed up the playpin, placing the bear and cd in my shoulder bag, I then joined Nathaniel downstairs as he loaded up both of our cars

"We have to leave one here or drive behind the other because we have to much stuff" Nathaniel said

"Or we can ship the stuff and drive one car together" I said honestly

Nathaniel nodded that seemed like a good idea

I used another spell and a few minutes later the boxes disappeared along with one of our cars

"Ready?' I asked

"Yeah" Nathaniel said before placing Nikolina in her car seat, the two of us then climbed into the car and headed off to California.

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