Next Generation

Next Generation

Originally fictional

Chapter 3

Clarke Parker

by: Clarke


When I was born, my father wasn't alive but I had one older brother and two siblings on the way

Actually almost none of us made it since he killed himself and nearly us in the process since we were gemini coven kids but luckily we were saved

I am the oldest of my mom's kids but seeing as how I didn't have any siblings from her, she and my brother's mother, Georgie, allowed us to talk because they didn't want us to grow up alone

Chris and I argued for the first few months of knowing each other until our younger siblings were born, we started get along and even made a pact to protect them from the world, including our father if he ever came back because he apparently hated twins in his family

Anyway, he and I were close and we were both happy when I went to my aunt's school which he also attended

He's even dating my best friend even though they're on a hiatus at the moment

Tatia and I were born nearly a year apart but because of our mothers, we grew up close

I'm dating her cousin, Nathaniel, who is more like her brother, not that she doesn't have any biological brothers

I get along with my step-parents and all of my siblings, but I used to be afraid of them both

Anyway, life was pretty easy up until I found out Nate was having an affair with my former friend, Angela Lockwood, and I wasn't mad since I knew they were both a lot like they're parents but I did tell him he had to pick

He picked me but Angela didn't seem fazed since she was dating Tatia's step brother, Jacob, who lives with his mom who married the original Nathaniel Mikaelson


I was getting ready for a pretty boring day when my godfather called and asked me and my mom and siblings to come to Mikaelson Compound so I sighed, knowing it meant Mikaelson drama

"Brighten up, we get to see dad." Monty said, happy to spend as much time around Elijah as possible since he just met him when he got his memories back and wants to bond with him as much as possible

Octavia fixed me with a smirk that said 'I dare you to tell him it's bad news' and I mock laughed before helping him pick out an outfit before we left.

"So Kol's back in town?" I questioned, sitting next to her in the front seat

We didn't live so far away from the Mikaelson compound but it was still faster to drive

"Yes. For adult business." She replied.

"Mom, my best friend has a kid with my brother. I know all about adult business, that ain't it." I said and she gave me a look that said she never wanted to hear me say anything about 'adult business' ever again

"She meant trouble." Raven stated sarcastically

"I know." I shot back

"Well then drop it." She huffed, crossing her arms

There wass a good chance she was just scared someone was gonna die but I still didn't know why that would make her mad at me

"Rest." Mom said, waving her hand right before we arrived to the compound.

We all got out and went inside and my younger siblings went ahead to hug their dad while I stood by the door

Nathaniel and Tatia arrived soon after and I hugged them both before we went over to Hope

"Sorry for your loss." Tatia and Nate said, hugging her before going over to the adults and I stayed behind for a minute, hugging her before assuring her I was there for her and went after my best friend and boyfriend

The adults stood in a group basically before we walked into the kitchen for breakfast

Silas' dad Nate eventually walked in with his wife, Valerie and their kids minus Jacob who wasn't technically a Mikaelson and technically neither was I

I shared a hug with Silas while his dad hugged his siblings

Afterwards we all sat down to breakfast

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