Next Generation

Next Generation

Originally fictional

Chapter 2


I grew up never knowing my Biological Father though my step Father did an ok job to help raise me whenever he was around, when he wasn't it was usually one of my Uncles who cared for me.

After Stefan died though mom was going through hell she did everything she could not to flip the switch and be a good mom to my siblings and I though it seemed her emotions weren't always under control but Ryan was there to protect my younger siblings and I from a lot of mom's mood swings.

As I grew older I started having accidentally bursts of magic something my aunt Freya tried to control with a potion but nothing seemed to work my magical core was to strong

At the age of 16 mom sent me away to school in Mystic Falls with Hope, Angela and Clarke, Uncle Kol even sent Nathaniel to keep an eye on us and protect us from harm

It was at that school I met Christopher Parker, I remember the first thing I said to him was "stay away from me your dad stabbed my step dad in the hand"

Mine and Christopher's relationship started off rocky, we clashed a lot...but then there was this one night I couldn't sleep, having a bad dream about some man who kinda looked like Stefan, he pushed me into a safe and threw it over a cliff into the ocean killing me the moment the safe hit the water but only after he drained my body of blood. I woke up screaming I didn't want to die before climbing out of bed and walking downstairs to the kitchen for tea. Christopher was there making a sandwitch, we talked and got to really know each other. We even went so far as to become friends for Clarke's sake, she's his younger sister on his Dad's side and she's one of my very best friends and what my mom calls my Honorary cousin after all.

Christopher asked me out to a movie two months later and we had a nice time, we went out a few more times before he finally asked me to be his girlfriend.

I wanted to take Christopher home to meet my mom but I wasn't sure how she would feel about Christopher given she was friends with his mom but only really tolerated his dad for my Aunt Amelia's sake.

A year later I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I told Christopher it wasn't a trap and that whatever he decided i'd accept.

Christopher kinda disappeared after that and I turned ton my friends for love and guidance. I was to afraid of going home, to face mom and tell my entire family I screwed up.

Hope suggested if I didn't want to get rid of it, maybe I could put it up for adoption but Nathaniel talked me into keeping it, he promised to be there for me and to raise my baby with me like my uncle Kol did my mom when she found out she was pregnant with me as Stefan was off with another woman.

I had my daughter 9 months later and called her Nikolina, it means Victorious....and only the most beautiful get that name.

I named Nathaniel Nikolina's Godfather though he's already technically her uncle, continuing the tradition as mom named my Uncles Kol and Elijah as my godfathers

My mom said the only one to ever truly know my secret identity besides her was my uncle Elijah at first but then she told my aunt Melissa and he told my Aunt Daisy and luckily for me...they swore never to tell anyone else especially my uncle Kol and my step Father Stefan.

My powers grew stronger with each passing day, but after Nikolina was born it was like I couldn't help the changes.

I could always read mines since I was younger maybe a year old though I couldn't officially talk til I was 2. I could shape shift at 3 but now it's like magic was constantly swirling around me like invisible winds and for the first time I really felt Immortal.

When I turned 18, I was finally gifted with a trait passed down from my mother besides the dark hair and eyes or the love of comfy clothes...I could see things in my sleep, normally nothing really made sense but every now and then when something big was going to happen, the dream would be as clear as day and nothing seemed more real in my entire life.

I asked mom where the power came from and she said she wasn't sure, she never asked for the power and neither my grandmother or my grandfather could do it, she said she was maybe 12 when her first dream vision came to her but she told no one afraid they would fear she was going insane.

I feared that too and preyed my daughter wouldn't get it, well that was until I had a dream Nathaniel was going to be cousin had returned to California wanting to check on his parents and younger siblings being the oldest of four.

Nathaniel was out one night with a few Beacon Hills friends, I met them one year on a vacation to California when mom wanted to visit Uncle Kol, anyway they were attacked by creatures but it was hard to tell what they were, even in my dream I couldn't tell. My dream had saved my cousin's life because thankful I was able to warm him in time and all he received from the attack was a crushed rib, Nathaniel was 17 at the time so it took him a little while to heal.

Nathaniel eventually started dating my best friend/Honorary cousin Clarke, everything seemed great and they were happy until one day, Clarke went off to try to find Christopher and talk him into coming back home so we all could be a family. Nathaniel was lonely and drunk, like my uncle before him Nathaniel tends to drink for fun when he's bored. I like to call him "the old Kol before Davina saved him", Clarke is hoping she can save Nathaniel too. Anyways Nathaniel was lonely and drunk so he came home wanting to sleep it off but my best friend and Godcousin Angela Lockwood was over wanting to spend time with her Goddaughter. I went to tuck Nikolina in for the night and when I returned to the living room, Nathaniel and Angela were gone...I guessed they had headed upstairs to Nathaniel's room.

"Careful he bites" I warned Angela knowing her Werewolf hearing would get the message to her

The affair continued even after Clarke returned home until Clarke found out the truth and told Nathaniel he had to make a choice. Nathaniel and Angela called it quits, just in time for her to find out she was pregnant with his secret love child and to start a very public relationship with my Step Brother Jacob.


I was downstairs making tea when the back door opened and Angela walked in

"Morning Ange, Tea?" I asked

"No thabks, just here to see'll only take a second; I have breakfast plans with Jacob anyway" Angela said

I nodded my understandIng

"I'll get him" I said before walking out of the room

I walked upstairs to find Nathaniel helping Nikolina get ready for her day

"Where is she going?" I asked noticing both of them were fully dressed and ready to go out

"Mikaelson family breakfast, your mom called while you were in the shower, my dad's in town which can only mean one thing..." Nathaniel trailed off

"Mikaelson drama" I said to which my cousin nodded

"I'll pack her bag, Amgela's downstairs, she's in a rush but she says she needs to talk to you" I said honestly

Nathaniel nodded with a sigh before going downstairs turning on the baby monitor as he left

"Mom doesn't usually use her supernatural hearing, uncle Nathaniel makes sure of that" I said pressing the monitor to my ear as Nathaniel walked downstairs in case Nikolina was curious

"Angela, darling...don't you look nice" Nathaniel said walking into the kitchen sounding so much like my uncle Kol

"Don't call me that, and stop the flirting I'm not here for games" Angela said

Nathaniel nodded before pouring himself a cup of tea

"Then tell me why you have come, if it was to see our Goddaughter she has breakfast plans" Nathaniel said

"Prefect as do i. I need you to sign this, Jacob doesn't know about us so don't act like this is his fault" Angela said pulling papers from her shoulder bag

"You want me to sign over my parental rights?" Nathaniel asked

"You chose Clarke and seeing as how Clarke and I are no longer friends, I chose to make sure she had nothing to do with my child" Angela said sounding a mixture of angry and emotional like if you combined my mom and Aunt Melissa's emotional personalities together

"Angel, let's talk about this" Nathaniel said going back to the nickname he gave her when we were kids having watched uncle Kol call my mom that seeing as Angela is named after my mother

"Nothing to discuss" Angela said

"Of course there's something to discuss, that's my child growing inside you. I deserve a chance to at least know it, even if it means never being allowed to introduce Clarke to it" Nathaniel said

"Him" Angela said

"Him" Nathaniel and I said together, I was so close to tears I almost forgot about getting Nikolina's diaper bag ready

"I'm naming him Daniel Tyler Mikaelson" Angela said

I don't remember if he had a middle name or not but I don't think Melis would care, she'd want her daughter to honor her father in someway, hopefully I did that

"Daniel" Nathaniel said before we both shared a smile it was his middle name and I guessed with Angela it sounded ok for her son.

"You're going to have a cousin soon" I said smiling down at Nikolina who giggled

Angela's phone rang pulling the four of us back to the conversation

"I'm sorry you won't get to know your son but this is the only way I can ensure, she won't get to know him either" Angela said

Nathaniel nodded in understanding before signing his name on the dotted line and handing the papers back to Angela

"Tatia will be his godmother, if she wants to keep you updated that's fine but your girlfriend shall never have anything to do with me or my child ever again" Angela said before she opened the back door once more and took her leave

I turned off the monitor, grabbed Nikolina's fully packed diaper bag and headed downstairs

"You ok?" I asked my cousin

He took Nikolina into his arms and nodded with a smirk

"Father's are over rated but Godfather's, godfather's are forever" Nathaniel said

I nodded my understandIng taking that as he wasn't ok but with mine and Nikolina's help he would be eventually

I poured our tea into to go cups before we headed over to the Mikaelson Compound.

I took Nikolina into my arms the moment we arrived so Nathaniel and Clarke could share a hug in greeting, I then hugged my Honorary cousin/best friend as Nathaniel took Nikolina back into his arms

"Better go say hi to the parents" I said leading the three over to the adults who were sitted in the living room

I hugged Hope on the way, sorry for her lose knowing it would kill me to lose my mother too

"Mother" I said approaching the group

Mother stood with my Uncles Kol, Elijah and Niklaus, my Aunts Freya, Wesley and Rebekah as Ryan and Keelin stood to the side

I hugged my adopted brother as Nathaniel handed Clarke Nikolina before turning to his Father

"Where's mother?" He asked

"Visiting Josh's grave and retrieving Marcellus" Uncle Kol answered before he took a mouthful of his scotch

"Easy Brother" Mother said placing her hand on his wrist

Uncle Kol nodded in understanding and agreement causing me to smile because I always wanted Nathaniel and I to be as close as our parents....him and i against the wotld, always and forever.

"Let's sit down to breakfast and then we can discuss why we're here" Aunt Freya said as my uncle Nathaniel and my Aunts Amelia, Daisy and Melissa joined us in the living room as well

Everyove seemed ok with that and followed Aunt Freya into the dining room but I stood there holding my daughter as Clarke started to follow her Mother, Nathaniel at my side when uncle Kol turned around to glance at us

"Something wrong?" He asked when he was sure we were alone

"Dad, there's something I have to tell you" Nathaniel said

"Good, there's something I have to tell you as well" Uncle Kol said

"Maybe I should go" I said accidentally reading both of their minds

"No, that's ok, he'll need you after this" Uncle Kol said

I nodded in understanding, placed Nikolina on the floor and took Nathaniel's hand in my mine only wanting to show love and support

"Your mother and I have met someone, we're happy the three of us, we want nothing more than your love and support" Uncle Kol said honestly

"Someone?" Nathaniel asked

"Allison Salvatore" I said honestly accidentally reading Uncle Kol's mind again

My family can't read minds so it's not as if there's anyone who can help me train to control it

"Dad?" Nathaniel asked but all Uncle Kol did was nod

"What does that mean for you and mom?" Nathaniel asked

"We're fine, stronger than ever" Aunt Davina said as she and my adopted cousin Marcellus walked in

"You promise?" Nathaniel asked hating being the one who would have to tell his twin sister if their parents marriage imploded

"We promise" Aunt Davina said causing Uncle Kol to nod in agreement

Nathaniel nodded happily before hugging his adopted Grandfather hello

"ok, your turn" Davina told Nathaniel

"um ok you know how i've been seeing Clarke?" Nathaniel asked

his parents and grandfather nodded

"for the past couple of years i've been seeing Angela Lockwood on the side" Nathaniel said

Davina rolled her eyes as Kol and Marcellus smirked

"your defiantly just like your Father before i came along" Aunt Davina said

"because a three some is the best esxample for him right now" Marcellus teased his adopted daughter

"blame Kol" Davina said walking out of the room

"mom" Nathaniel called

"yeah?" Davina said turning back around

"Angela came over this morning and i signed over my legal rights to my son" Nathaniel said causing Aunt Davina, Uncle Kol and Marcellus to blink

"why'd you do a stupid thing like that?" Uncle Kol asked

"she and Clarke stopped being friends and i didn't want an ugly custody battle to ruin our family so when she came over and told me Jacob knew nothing about the affair, i knew i had to sign away my rights if i wanted to protect my friendship with him" Nathaniel said honestly

Marcellus moved to the other side of the group where I was standing and whispered

"did you know about this?"

i blinked was he talking about my visions

i shook my head because Angela had told me she and Clarke were done, she had told me she told Nathaniel he had to choose and in her opinion he chose wrong but she never told me anything about forcing my cousin into signing away his rights or even using my step brother to force Nathaniel's hand.

"everything ok out here, the food's getting cold and everyone's worried?" mom asked walking back into the living room

"we're fine" Marcellus said in a tone that made Uncle Kol, Aunt Davina and I glare at him

"watch the tone, Marcellus" my mother and Uncle Kol both siad

'i need to talk to you" Uncle Kol told my mom who nodded before the two left the room once more

"you think Angela will get in trouble?" i asked

"i think we'll figure this out somehow" Aunt Davina said leading Marcellus, Nathaniel and I into the dining room to join the others for breakfast while mom and uncle Kol talked outside

I handed my daughter to my cousin on the way to the dining room knowing he needed her right now

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