Next Generation

Next Generation

Originally fictional

Chapter 1


Birth Name: Tatiana Angel Mikaelson

Chosen Name: Tatiana Mikaelson

Nickname(s) Tatia or Tia

Petname: Angel

Alias: Tatia Mikaels

Gender: Female

Species: Immortal/Original Heretic

Age; 18

Birthday: September 14th

Appearance: 5'7", 95 lbs, long wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes with flecks of green in them. 

Personality: a maniuplative and clever girl next door

Best Friends: Angela Lockwood, Clarke Parker, Nathaniel Mikaelson and Christopher Parker

Love Interest: Christopher Parker

Family: Silas (Father), Angela Mikaelson (Mother), Stefan Salvatore (Step Father), Mikael (Grandfather), Esther (Grandmother), Freya, Wesley and Rebekah (Maternal Aunts), Elijah, Niklaus, Niklaus, Kol, and Henrik (Maternal Uncles), Marcellus, Davina and Riley (Adoptive Cousins), Nathaniel, Danielle, Chloe, Caylen, Vivian, Sas, Nadia, Ansel, Hope, Jackson, Morgan and Martin, Raven, Octavia and Monty (Maternal Cousins), Ian, Mia, Fiona and Bonne (Maternal Step Cousins), Merissa, Angela, Tyler, Clarke, Avery, Thomas and Victoria (Honorary Maternal Cousins), Sarah Nelson Salvatore and Tom Avery (Paternal Distantly Related Family), Jacob Salvatore (Step Brother), Ryan James Mikaelson (Maternal Adopted Older Brother), Stefan Salvatore Junior (Maternal Half Younger Brother), Katerina Salvatore and Alexia Salvatore (Maternal Half Younger Twin Sisters), Matthew Mikaelson Salvatore (Maternal Half Younger Brother), Ally Salvatore (Maternal Half Youngest Sister), Andrew Thomasz Salvatore (Maternal Half Youngest Brother) and Nikolina Konstantinova Mikaelson (Daughter) this list will grow as the story does

Is Closest To: Nathaniel Daniel Mikaelson

Occupation: Socialite 

Diet: Bloody from a glass like her Father

Birth Name: Clarissa Forbes Parker 

Chosen Name: Clarissa Parker 

Nickname(s): Clarke (Everyone), Clary (Steph and Fiona) 

Petname: Baby 

Alias: Claire Saetre 

Gender: Female 

Species: Heretic 

Age; 18 

Birthday: May 10th 

Appearance: Long blonde hair, light brown eyes and wears comfy clothing 

Personality: Much like both her parents, she has sociopathic tendencies. 

Best Friends: Tatiana, Chris, Stephanie and Fiona 

Love Interest: Nathaniel Mikaelson 

Family: Daisy Forbes Mikaelson (Mother), Malachai Parker (Father), Elijah Mikaelson (Stepfather), Amelia Carrer (Stepmother), Christopher Parker (Older Paternal Half Brother), Bellamy and MyKayla Parker (Paternal Half Twin Siblings), Raven and Octavia Mikaelson (Maternal Half Younger Sisters), Arabesque Castle (Stepsister via Malachai), George Anthony Parker (Stepbrother via Malachai) 

Is Closest To: Stephanie, Chris, Kayla and Fiona 

Occupation: Student 

Diet: Regular food as well as fresh blood

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