This is Me

Dominic if you have a problem with me, you talk to me about it, you don't post it. For the world to see

Chapter 1

I'm only doing this once so pay attention

In real life I'm a Cooper, my name is Melissa Alexa Cooper

For TVD stories my name is Melissa Alexia Branson

For TO stories my name is Melissa Alexandra Kenner

For TVD/TO stories my name goes back to Melissa Cooper because I hate having to choose between Branson and Kenner...I don't have time to play two characters

For Teen Wolf my name is Melissa Lahey

For Pretty Little Liars my name is Melissa Fitzgerald

For Smallville my name changes because Ange thought it best I have a secret identity of my own, my name is Alexa Autumn

I play Halliwell Angel Salvatore in Angela's charmed story because It's Next Generation and there was no love interest for me otherwise but in the old days when it was just Ange and I before the "Originals series" ended I played Melinda Wyatt she found her self falling in love with Cole Turner.

In City of Angels I play Taylor Martin, it's different but again it's next generation and I wouldn't have a love interest otherwise

when Ange and I write Percy Jackson stories I play Melissa Castellan because i like the idea of Ange and I being 'sisters' one day

And when I write HP stories i'm whoever Ange needs me to be given the era, though I prefer to be a black or an Oldmen since as Ange said my favorite animal is the wolf and what are dogs if not relation to the wolves.

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