One Tree Hill

Addressing a few things.

Chapter 1


So I don't know if you guys noticed, but the ladies of One Tree Hill rallied together and finally spoke out against Mark.

These ladies include; Bethany Joy Lenz, Hilarie Burton, Sophia Bush, Torrey DeVitto and Daneel Harris-Ackles.

They and their husbands and former cast mates spoke out against Mark and all spoke about their experiences. How Mark inappropriately touched them and the guys usually tried to protect them from it.

Hilarie and Daneel even spoke about the way they were forced to leave the show, and why their characters were demonized after Mark was "done with them".

They all remain friends, and they stand by each other.

I just wanted to post in case no one knew it. Sophia and Joy (Bethany goes by Joy) were satisfied with their characters' endings and they loved their endgames but that does not mean they support Mark.

Daneel and Hilarie have both said their characters' endings weren't accurate in terms of them leaving. Peyton would come back for Brooke's wedding and Rachel would be there too.

Sophia loves brulian and Daneel thinks maybe Cooper and Rachel could have been endgame.

The same goes for Bevin's actress, she was written out because she stood up to Mark.

Daneel and Sophia both thought it was stupid that the girls fought over Lucas, because he would have never been endgame for either one of them.

Anyway, I'll be writing a crossover story soon with Daneel Harris Ackles and Jensen Ackles because they're married in real life and I find it cute that Daneel and Hilarie both married guys from Supernatural.

Okay, that's all. Thanks for your time.

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